Top 5 Street Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

We are still in the midst of the winter season, but that is no reason not to think about your wardrobe ahead. The trends of the future summer offer us exciting new combinations and a new look at things we are used to. Along with Enibbana clothing, we present to you a list of outfits that can catch your attention next summer.

1. Beaded Embellishments

All the little jewelry ladies are going to love this trend! Just imagine a whole look embroidered with beads. This exquisite piece of jewelry is ideal for those who want to experience the feeling of royalty without spending a fortune. The most popular and stylish solution for next summer will be everyday casual pieces in a redesigned form. You can add beads to your jacket or dress (or why not both?) and complement the outfit with massive shoes to create the atmosphere of modern punk from the 70s.

2. Tight Catsuits

If you care about freedom of movement and stylish solutions for everyday life as much as we do, a catsuit can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. No, not only superheroes can wear such eye-catching outfits. Сatsuit is a versatile and elegant piece that was created to highlight your silhouette. Moreover, you can wear it almost anywhere, so just put on accessories and a jacket to create a more solid look.

3. Oversized Suits in Natural Tones

It’s one of the simplest ways to look classy and not to exert too much effort. The main task is to find a high-quality one-color oversized suit, the texture, and shade of which look expensive and of high quality. You can go anywhere in that outfit: start the morning in the office and spend your evening in a restaurant or a shopping mall. Here are some ideas to complete the look:

  • you can wear it with a tight turtleneck;
  • choose boots on the platform;
  • add a contrasting leather bag.

4. Bra as a Crop Top

No more lack of freedom for your body in the summer season! This summer, you can turn your trendy bra into a crop top, and no one will tell you a word (and if they do, then this is not your problem — fashion supports you). The tender fabrics look fantastic with the trousers, skirts, and jackets. Such a solution for the top emphasizes your waist and creates elegant proportions.

5. Clashing Prints

Clashing prints have become very trendy this year, along with the upcycle style. It’s very hard to go wrong with such a trend! But, to create truly stylish looks, you have to devote some time to choosing conflicting combinations. A color palette can help you in this matter. Follow the basic combinations in your outfit so that conflicting prints create an excellent composition.

Show Your Personality!

Summer is a great time to experiment with your style. Just take all the clothes out of the closet and get ready to create something new. Wear what makes you happier and more confident because clothing has great power. With the trends of next summer, you will not be bored for sure!