Top 4 Things To Look For While Buying A Makeup Mirror


Hey ladies, we all know how important makeup is to us. Not because we are not beautiful enough, or because we don’t feel gorgeous, but because it doesn’t do a little harm to enhance our already existing beauty. It just doesn’t go for ladies only, gentlemen too, and, not to mention costume makeup.

There are just many different types of makeup and whatever it is, having a good makeup mirror is everything; more like Hollywood makeup Mirror Australia. And not only in Australia, but you can also always get a Hollywood makeup mirror easily by checking different stores both online and offline.

Many factors go into putting together a good makeup look. These include a great frame, great mirror angle, and of course great lighting. The lighting during makeup is actually one of the main elements you want to pay attention to if you want your makeup to come out great

Lighting In Makeup

There are many options when it comes to lighting. Makeup mirrors come with their own lighting. You also might need to buy and set your own lighting for when you apply makeup. Regardless, you want to make sure your lighting is warm and natural.

During the day, you might want to rely on sunlight as it provides the most natural light source. Alternatively, if you get artificial lights make sure you get even and warm lights, like LED. Getting any colored lighting, or anything less than natural, at that, will only mislead you during the process of putting on makeup, in terms of color and skin tone.

How To Choose A Makeup Mirror

When choosing a makeup mirror, there are three major factors you want to pay attention to;

Styles And Designs

You can always get makeup mirrors in multiple designs. Why design is so important is because you can get to choose the one that matches your personal preferences, your bathroom’s design, and your budget, all aligned. You can also get to choose the shape you want, which typically comes in either square or circular. Square shapes give a better and full view of the face better than circular shapes.

The Frames

Think about the frame as well. While it is not the most important factor, it also comes down to preferences, likes, and needs. You want to make sure that it is stable too. You can either go for metal frames, which are also heavier and more stable, or plastic ones. If you want something more permanent, mounting your makeup mirror is a great option.


Mounting depends on a lot of things, like the style and the design, frames, and lightning. It also depends on your personal preference, whether you will be moving it a lot, or it is going to be a more permanent mounting. It also depends on the size of the mirror.

Small plastic-framed mirrors are great for when you are traveling and cannot be wall-mounted. On the other hand, you might also need a tabletop mirror or wall-mounted mirror.


This might be the last point in this list but definitely not the least. Lighting is everything when it comes to makeup. The type of lighting you use and the angle you place it will determine how good your makeup comes out. You always want to use natural light and sunlight is the best natural lighting you can have.

However, on cloudy days, or during the night, you want to go for a more natural and warm light like LED. Always make sure the mirror and the lighting are right in front of you. Any other angles could be misleading.