Top 3 Innovative Ways to Learn about Decimals

A decimal numeral system is the standard system that is used for representing a non-integer and integer number. In other words, decimals are types of numbers wherein the whole number and the fractional part are separated by a decimal point. For example, 56.8 is a decimal number. 56 represents the whole number, 8 represents the fractional part, and these numbers are separated by a dot called the decimal point. Decimals are used in many topics such as percentages, fractions, etc.; hence, kids must develop a good understanding of them. The concept of a decimal number can prove to be confusing as kids are accustomed to working with whole and natural numbers. In this article, we will discuss a few ways that will make the learning process more effective.

1. Increase Engagement Level

The typical school curriculum conditions kids to limit their knowledge only to the world of the prescribed books and does not focus on holistic development. This often results in children losing interest in that subject. Hence, a good way to learn about any topic is by diving through the pages of history related to it. They can get a chance to know about how the topic came into being and the exceptional minds behind the research. In addition to this, kids can also read up on fun facts and real-life examples. It generates curiosity and helps kids get motivated to study decimals. Thus, kids not only increase their general knowledge but also start relating to the topic at hand.

2. Using Interactive Learning Methods

If kids can associate a concept with some interesting graphical representation, the chances to assimilate the topic become higher. Thus, it is good to use visual and interactive aids to learn a topic like decimals. Children can go online and find excellent educational videos that talk about the different aspects of a concept. Apart from them, they use fancy tunes and graphics to help them apply various operations such as adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals to solve problem sums. Thus, kids can develop their powers of visualization which proves to be the most powerful tool in attempting any type of question.

3. Tuition Classes

It is crucial for kids to follow a well-organized curriculum ensuring that they do not get confused while learning. Thus, turning to a reliable coaching class such as Cuemath is the way to go. At Cuemath, the focus is entirely on instilling iron-clad basics within students. The certified tutors teach their lectures with the help of several resources such as interactive worksheets, online puzzles, math games, apps, and visual simulations. Kids are encouraged to find the answer to questions by themselves with the cues provided by the teachers. Thus, students can have fun while studying and can maintain a relaxed work pace.

4. Playing Team Games

All kids like to play games. Hence, games can be used as a way for kids to learn about decimals. If a few friends get together and start playing innovative games that not only help them to understand all concepts associated with decimals but can also work to improve their communication, interpersonal, and team player skills.


The methods listed in the article to learn decimals can prove to be very effective if followed sincerely. However, you can also use these steps as guidelines and come up with your own creative ways to study this subject. At the end of the day, your preparation should be such that you are able to attempt questions of any difficulty level, and your learning experience should be enjoyable.