Top 11 Retro Low OGs: Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey

In 1984, Nike struck a deal to make basketball shoes that Michael Jordan would wear in the NBA. The following year, in 1985, the Air Jordan transformed the sneaker world when Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 1 for the Chicago Bulls game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Since then, Nike has continued to release revolutionary sneakers that have so far stood the test of time.

If you’ve never heard about the Low OGs, then it’s about time you learn about it. By the end of this article, you should have an appreciation of the top 11 retro Low OGs.

But first, it’s good to know from where the Air Jordan 1 came from.

History of the OG 1985 Air Jordan 1

When Michael Jordan wore the shoe for the first time in November 1984, it was banned the following year by the NBA for violating their rules against colorful sneakers. In February 1985, the first Air Jordan was released. It was also known as the Bred for its black and red colorway. And it’s the shoe that’s said to have revolutionized basketball sneakers. The ban from the NBA gave it the popularity it held to this day.

Top 11 Retro Low OGs

Air Jordan

The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore. Its classic colorway was nicknamed ‘Banned.’ Because of its excellent padding and comfort, it also found a grand reception in the world of skating when Lance Mountain adopted it. Since then, the Low OGs have had numerous retros.

Here are some of the top recent ones:

1. Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey

You could say the   2021 Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG “Neutral Grey” is one of the cleanest Jordan sneakers in the market. It has a white and grey clean look that radiates a classy vibe. The Nike Swoosh logo is made from grey suede that cuts across the middle and lateral sides. Unlike the other Lows with the Jumpman, there’s a Nike Air logo on the shoe’s tongue. Found at the heel tab is the famous wings logo.

2. Air Jordan 1 Low Arctic Punch

The Air Jordan 1 Low Arctic Punch gives a fresh creative perspective on the OG Low. It has pestles that represent an evergreen summer and spring. If you’re into seasonal fashion statements, this shoe has your name written all over it.

3. Chinese New Year 2021

The Chinese New Year 2021, as its name suggests, was released during the Chinese New Year. Its upper portion is beautifully designed in traditional Chinese satin. The classic Bred is recreated with stylish embroidery. A red and gold rope for a shoelace gives this sneaker an exclusive drop-type appeal.

4. White Camo

The White Camo represents excellent diversity and color creativity. It has white and grey leather uppers, while the Nike Swoosh logo has a camouflage design. This shoe shows Nike’s prowess when it comes to trendy combinations.

5. University Blue Black

If you were used to the famous black and red color combo in the Bred, here’s the blue and black version. In this retro, Nike uses a light blue leather upper with some black toe and Swoosh.

6. Silver Toe

The Air Jordan 1 Silver Toe is a bold fashion statement that is a total head-turner, especially during spring and summer. It has some wrinkled silver leather that creates a charming contrast with some fine black overlays.

7. USA

If you’re fashion-smart and patriotic at the same time, you could easily rock the Air Jordan 1 USA. It draws inspiration from the United States flag, and with great success. The patriotic sneaker has a navy seal on red and white leather.

8. Lance Mountain

As the name suggests, this is the result of the collaboration between Nike and Lance Mountain. Because Lance is no stranger to shoe styling, you can rest assured that this Low OG retro will have a nice surprise layer under its tearaway beige upper.

9. Nothing But Net

Do you still remember the shirt worn by Michael Jordan during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992? If you don’t, we’re pleased to inform you that Nike has released an Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG with the shirt’s pattern on its overlays. For a retro 90s sneaker style, you’d want to wear this one.

10. Pink Quilt

The Pink Quilt has a mixed fabric of a pink quilt with red overlays and an embodied classic Nike Swoosh. If you’re one for mixed media footwear, this is the best option for you.

11. Fuchsia

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This Low OG’s minimalistic appeal, in black and white, competently relates to that statement. It has an appealing Fuchsia on the outsole and stylish perforations on its sued panels in the collar and heel tabs.


Before the Air Jordan was released, shoes were nothing more than just shoes. When Michael Jordan didn’t listen to the ban in 1985, it’s fair to say that’s when Nike OGs’ boom began. And the celebration continues. If you decide to join in and get yourself a retro pair, you already know that there are numerous releases and you’ll have to deal with a wide selection of the best shoes for everyday wear.