Tips to Wear a Mini Dress Like Jourdan Dunn

It is summertime out there and that might have you searching through your closet for those adorable mini dresses you love to put on for a night out on the town.

With that being said, there are some pretty important rules about wearing mini dresses that you should keep in mind!

If you’re trying to replicate your favorite celebrity fashion icons by putting on a mini dress to show off those legs, here are some fantastic tips to keep in mind.

Think about what you wear under the dress

You already know that what you are wearing under your clothing is important to avoid bunch ups and wardrobe malfunctions. That becomes even more important when you are wearing less fabric. Instead of wearing a thong to avoid panty lines, think about wearing a slip that will both help you avoid lines while also helping you maintain your modesty in even the strongest of summer breezes.

Opt for flats of stilettos

Instead of using stilettoes that hide your ankle, wear flats or simple two-inch heels to help you create a more flattering line and also make sure things stay closer to casual. If you are looking for other ways to extend your legs, think about adding some knee socks that fit perfectly with your dress and the rest of your outlift.

Mini handbag with mini dress

With a mini dress, you are definitely going to need to bring along a bag to put your phone, makeup and cards in. However, don’t opt for that big clunker that you take with you on trips. Instead, opt for something that is smaller and easier to handle. The main reasons are because not only will a larger bag make you look (and feel) quite unbalanced, there is also a risk that a larger bag that hangs near your waist will result in your dress riding up on your legs.

Consider the fit

This is pretty obvious, but you have to make sure that your mini dress fits you well. Too small and too big are both bad for different reasons and you need to make sure that the fit is just right in order to go out in confidence and comfort. If you are unsure of the fit, try to put the dress on a little bit before you have to head out and walk around your home or apartment with it for a while. That way, you’ll get a good idea of how the dress holds up to the activities you are about to take part in.

Check the weather

This one is less obvious, but no less important! Sure, you might have had a plan to wear your sexy new mini dress all week long for a Friday or Saturday night, but if the weather isn’t going to cooperate with your plans it is best to dress accordingly. Blustery conditions can make wearing a mini dress quite the chore and cold nights can leave you shivering as you wait for your Uber out.