Tips To Help You Look Better And Feel Great


For over a year now, we have all been forced indoors. The absence of sun, nature, and our friends has turned many of us into zombies and vampires. Then, almost suddenly, our governments have eased lockdowns, and now we are being forced outdoors to meet our friends and family again, which has left many of us (myself included) considerably nervous. The first thing that is important to say is that you do look great, no matter what. Don’t ever feel bad about yourself, even for a second. There are ways that you can feel better though.

In today’s article we are going to tell you a few tips that we think will help you to look better, but more importantly, feel better. Another thing worth saying is that you should never change yourself to fit in with the standards of other people – you are beautiful how you are.

Here are a few tips to help you look better and feel great.

Sunlight Helps A Lot

A prolonged absence of sunlight can wreak havoc on our skin and our bodies. If you do not get sunlight for as long as most people haven’t – literally over a year – then your skin, it is fair to say, might be a bit worse for wear. Getting outdoors in the sun, even if on your own and in the park, will help to bring the youthful glow back to your skin. Your skin is dying for a bit of sunlight, so don’t deprive it of it any longer!

Or Foundation…

If you don’t have time to get enough sunlight to nourish your skin and bring a healthy glow to your face, then you can just opt for some foundation. As every girl knows, a foundation is a lifesaver. Don’t go overboard, though. You may also need to re-match your skin for the perfect foundation, too, especially if you have gotten much paler than you usually are during the lockdown. Your old foundation may be too dark now you have lost your natural tan, which is something we all get just through being exposed to the sun.

A Trip To The Salon

Oh, how long has it been since you last took a trip to the salon? A year I’m hedging. Well, with businesses opening up again, and the world returning to normal, you know what that means, don’t you? It means that the salon is going to be opening up again! Now is the best time to pop on down to the salon and make an appointment. Get it done sooner rather than later, because there are going to be a lot of other people thinking the same thing, and your local salon might end up booked out.

A New Outfit

It’s your first time outdoors in a year, now, whether you are going to the pub, a bar, or to the park with your friends, you need to look fabulous. You can pick up a new pair of leggings if you are going somewhere casual, or a nice floral dress if you are going somewhere more special. Be sure to look your best when the world opens up – we’re confident that your friends will be expecting it of you, and you know what it means when you and your friends all get together don’t you? Selfies!

Tanning Shop

If you want to get a quick tan before you return to normal, then you know where to go, don’t you? It’s time to get on down to the tanning shop. If there are none open near you, then you can just pick up some fake tan from the supermarket. The tanning shop is, in the event that your skin is greyed and devoid of any sun-kissed glow, your best bet. Don’t go overboard though, or people will know your dirty little secret. It’s best that they don’t, they might copy you!


Sometimes, all you need to do is smile. Smiling can make you look and feel confident, smiling endears you to people, and smiling just makes you a more interesting and alluring person. In our modern world, people seem to just walk around with terrible frowns on their faces all of the time. Don’t be like them, no, smile. You’re alive, you’re outside, and you’re free again. What’s a better way to look great than with your natural smile? Give smiling a go for once and let the weight of the world fall away from you.

Looking your best and feeling your best often just comes down to your confidence. Even so, we hope the suggestions listed here will help you to personally feel better. Thank you for joining us today.