Tips to designing the perfect powder rooms

A powder room is often the smaller room in any home. Sometimes called the half-bathroom, the powder room creates a huge impact that only the fashionista at heart can understand. Unlike the regular bathroom, powder rooms usually consist of a vanity, toilet, and a mirror for quick washroom visits and makeup touch-ups. Below is a highlight of some tips to designing a remarkable, functional, and trendy powder room;

Invest in the essential décor

The focal piece in a powder room is the vanity. It’s important to add a little luxury to the vanity by either incorporating a vessel-style sink on the top, lovely scented candles, or a leafy plant to bring in nature. If you are looking to spruce up your powder room or renovate, the Mohd website for the best furniture can be a great place to begin. Mohd furniture brings to you an extensive selection of furniture pieces such as vanity tables, chairs, mirrors, ottomans, and the list goes on. These pieces are from the world’s best luxury brands such as Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe. The vanity essentials showcase great craftsmanship, luxury, quality, and sustainability. For a sophisticated look, choose a floating wall-mounted vanity that features a basin underneath for a streamlined look.

Lighting is key

Lighting is important to set the tone in a room. The right light can make or break a room. It’s vital to allow lots of natural light through the windows if you are looking to make a room feel airy and elegant. Look for stunning pendant lighting to complement the powder room space and some accent lights for the mirrors. Stay clear of overhead light fixtures as they may give good general illumination but tend to create shadows on people’s faces.

Statement mirrors

Space is limited when it comes to powder rooms and every inch count. Whether you choose an ancient mirror or a modern one, they are not only functional but are paramount to create an illusion of space and make the room appear bigger. It’s important to make sure the powder room has a window for ventilation or a fan on the ceiling to aerate the room and keep it smelling fresh.

Add color and pattern

Color and patterns might be overwhelming for the regular bathroom but not for the powder room. Color brings life to a room whereas texture adds an air of sophistication to any interior. Show your style to space with a splash of color through your paint, wallpaper and tiles. Remember not to overwhelm the room but rather create a balance to even out the area. For instance, if your walls are busy, let the floor be neutral. White tiles on the other hand will work well with coloured or patterned walls. Feel free to use colored tapware to add a touch of color and luxury. Colors such as pink, fuchsia, and purple give it a feminine look, gold, black and silver tend to provide a more neutral backdrop.

Storage is essential

It might be small but the powder room requires ample storage. With the space being limited, it’s fitting to create clever storage ideas such as having a drawer under the vanity to store extra towels, toilet rolls, or detergents. Floating shelves are also great where you can display your high-end candles, lotions, and essential oils or even have a hook on the door to hang your bathrobes and towels.