Timeless Fashion Trends

Fashion is meant to be fickle and ever-changing. But the fashion trends featured here in this gallery have shown their remarkable staying power.


Animal furs and hides with patterns such as those of a leopard and zebra have been replicated on fabrics, bags, accessories and now on laptop covers as well as smartphone and laptop cases.

This trend started when European colonizers from Asia and Africa brought home skins of wild animals, which had unique, exotic patterns. Whether you like it or not, it looks like the animal prints will stay for long — they have come and gone, but they have kept on coming back. Since animal prints have neutral colors, not to mention bring a little edge to your wardrobe, it’s unlikely that they will ever go extinct.


Florals will never go out of style simply because they’re pretty! And we always think of flowers as a symbol of femininity. Lately English fashion designer Cath Kidston has made nostalgic floral prints in vogue again, and big brooches are back in bloom in the fashion world.


Since the 20th century, metallic accents have never gone out of style and are even seen as prophetic especially in the 21st century. Who knows, we’d be wearing all-metallic clothing and drive flying cars in the future.


Minimalism is a design that will never get old because of its simple, clean lines and utter functionality. Although French designers Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin made it mod in the 1960s, it was Miuccia Prada’s sparse designs that made minimalism a permanent favorite in the fashion industry. Truly, simplicity is beauty, and never gets old as well.


Be it real or faux, leather adds the rebellious edge and sex appeal to your sartorial style. Whether you see it in jackets, pants, leggings, hot pants, shoes and boots, it seems that leather won’t go anytime soon!


It all started when civilians, even ladies, wore military clothing during World War II. During the Vietnam War era, young people wore military-type clothing such as fatigues an khaki jackets as a gesture of protest. Gradually, it became fashionable to wear military-styled clothing to the point that it finally made it to the catwalks.

Aside from being functional and versatile, military style wardrobes definitely create an edgy and androgynous appeal. This style is definitely going to stay for a long time. Remember to wear it like a fashionable outfit and not a uniform!


Despite calls for gender equality, many women still like to dress soft, flowing and utterly lady-like clothing that will accentuate their feminine curves (think of Grace Kelly).

It is utterly sophisticated too. To keep the ladylike look updated, try separate clothing rather than the usual one-piece dress, like the blouse-and-skirt combination that will give the ladylike clothing style a more contemporary look.


If you don’t want to be out of fashion, you can try mixing and matching your wardrobe. President and creative director of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons, teaches us on how to pair different pieces of clothing and accessories to bring out your own individual style:

Pair sequins with a tattered denim, or a flowing floral blouse with a pair of denim and platform sandals, or a sharp tailored men’s suit with fun, feminine accents. Mix-master dressing will remain fashionable for a long time largely because the possibilities are endless. It will also enable the wearer to create her own style and who knows, become the next fashion trailblazer!


From the church to the catwalk, lace has been popular since as early as the 16th century. It’s not only seen in dresses but also in underwear, jewelry and hair accessories. Although lace is as old as your grandmother’s cherished lace tablecloth, it looks like it will never be obsolete even in today’s modern fashion.


The early part of the decade saw a rise of platform shoes with pointed heels and rounded toes. However, pointy-toed shoes saw a resurgence when Hollywood A-listers and models such as Kate Moss and Elle McPherson stepped out into the red carpet with their pointed pairs.

The notion is that rounded-toed shoes are all girly while pointed-toed counterparts are all woman. Wearing pointy-toed shoes also suggests sexuality and power, so it looks like they’ll never get kicked out of the fashion circles soon.