Things to Consider Before You Get An Arm Tattoo

If you’re a fan, then the reasons are obvious! Getting an arm tattoo can be fun and rewarding. Tattoos don’t just have to be your typical image of someone’s name on your biceps; they can be as simple as cursive writing or as elaborate as intricate tattooing on the forearm. You can check out web pages like pacho-tattoo ideas to find the best tattoo designs for your arms.

So if you’ve been considering getting an arm tattoo but haven’t decided which one to choose, this article is for you! Here’s how to finally decide what your best tattoo will look like.

Decide where exactly you want it

The next step after deciding to get a tattoo is deciding where it will be placed. Do you want it on your forearm, wrist, bicep, or tricep? Arm tattoos are generally more prominent; however, it’s your choice to get what you want.

Choose an image

The image you choose will be the main focus of your tattoo, so it’s essential to choose something that is special to you. Think of this as a way to honor the meaning behind your tattoo. Your future ink will constantly remind you why you chose that particular design.

Don’t make your decision lightly; this is especially important if this is your first tattoo.Many people have their whole bodies covered with tattoos, but not many regret it because they know exactly what they would get and why.

An excellent way to pick an image you’ll never regret is by researching tattoos of the same design, in different sizes, or done by multiple artists. Sites like pacho-tattoo ideas have some of the best designs for every body part.

Think about the size

A tattoo’s size will also affect its longevity. It can be measured in two ways: the first is by the length between the wrist and elbow, and the second one is by the actual size of your tattoo.

If you’d like to get a small arm tattoo that’s only going to be on one side or an elaborate piece that covers both arms, you should get one that’s only going to be 1″ x 2″ or less. If you’d like a larger piece that covers both arms, consider an arm sleeve – this is where you can get two arm tattoos in different styles or sizes on both arms at once.

Think about the color

Thoughts on getting a tattoo? As any tattoo artist will tell you, your skin is like an open book; everyone has unique body reactions to something, which can be influenced by the colors you’re exposed to.

Most tattoos fade with time and exposure to the sun, so you must consider how often you’re in the sun and how much time your tattoo will be exposed to these elements.

If you want a colorful tattoo that will most likely change with your skin. The good idea is to get something closer to primary colors (red, green, and purple).

Think about how you want your arm tattoo to look

Once you’ve made all these decisions, it’s time to pick your style. Remember that this is the main focus of your tattoo; the style will give it life and importance far beyond what any image would. So don’t be afraid to be creative! Think about the elements of art that you love – if it’s clip art or a simple idea like ‘love’ printed in cursive with red ink, you can use those images for inspiration to create something unique.


There is no doubt that tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself, but they are also a long-term investment. Once you decide to get a tattoo, the next step is picking the perfect design. Remember that your tattoo will last for years, so if you’ve picked something you regret, there’s always another one to cover it up!

Tattoos are not just physical images; they become a part of who you are as a person, so you must never forget how much effort goes into getting one.