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Stay connected!

What else do you take with you more regularly than your sack or purse? Believe it or not, your telephone! You need to reach it during all the activities of the day. We got it!

Calfskin mic mac bags telephone cases have been on our inventory for a long time. There’s only a ton to consider all the specific telephone compositions … Also, while we like to plan something that lasts a long time and that’s the least dependent. As much as can be imagined on tech patterns. That’s why we have these stylish drinkable clutches that are suitable for a wide variety of types.

Easy attractive framework.

With Easy Mike Max Bag Telephone Pack you usually have access to your telephone and basics! The telephone pack has an attractive framework, so of course you can put your telephone in your bag. A metal plate is included and the attractive force from the sack guarantees that your telephone and pack stay together. Ideal!

At this point when you open the telephone sack, you can quickly look at your screen and work or you can take your phone out without any stress so that a decision can be made or let it go. Work with hands.

Telephone packs make your telephone more secure and guarantee that you usually have your current phone!

Here’s how to connect your telephone to your Mike Mac bag telephone pocket:

Is your telephone currently in the telephone case? Don’t worry about it!

Test whether your telephone case is attractive by setting the clinch.

No contact? Include the metal plate provided primarily in the case on the back of your telephone.

Spot your telephone into the mic mac bag telephone sack and check if both are ‘associate’

You are ready for your experience!

If you use your telephone without a telephone case, attach the metal plate in the following way.

Clean your telephone or telephone case from debris and oil.

Remove the plastic layer from the back of the provided metal plate.

Attach a metal plate to the back of your telephone or telephone case.

Check your telephone in the Mike MacBag Telefoontasje and check if both are ‘associates’

You are ready for your experience!

Malmo PDA sacks.

The Malmo telephone packs are straight from Mike Macbags, still on the ground. The Scandinavian lifestyle is a source of inspiration for Malm classification. All the sacks are made of calfskin with normal tone, smooth scheme and useful design at Tassen sale.

We are happy to increase the rating of this pack with two phone sacks. In small and large order. You can check in detail which sack is suitable for your telephone.

The two telephone cases have the same plan. The pack closes with a fold with a press stud and provides space for five MasterCard compartments with RFID insurance. So hostile to scamming, ideal for any experience! There is an attachment pocket, for example, a zipper pocket on the bill and back.

Carry the cell phone bag in your grip as a wallet with a separate wrist tie or as a cross body pack Suit Suit.

The Suitsuit is your best travel companion. The friend who is always with you. Keeps you safe Makes you feel stronger and stronger. Were here. Our goal is for women to travel with pride, to be their best selves. Our brand helps them in their journey through life and the earth.