The Ultimate Guide to Knowing Your Leather iWatch Strap & Caring For Them

In its new marketing line for the new launch of Apple series 6, Apple claims that “the future of health is on your wrist.” With the new iWatch launch, the istrap can measure one’s blood oxygen levels with the help of its newest sensor technology and the app associated with it.

The apple watch takes fitness to a new level and allows you to keep fitness metrics at a glance over the coming year. This allows you to be a healthier version of your old self, more active, and connected to life and each other more effectively.

With these new developments in technology, it is only right that the strap on your apple watch is as slick and sharp as your new iWatch. You can easily tie the look together down with an apple watch leather buckle made in Australia.

With the new iWatch, it’s only natural that you may want to have the best quality back leather apple watch band that can tie down your entire look perfectly.

Here are the things you need to consider while getting yourself a leather watch strap & also, understand the leather that’s being used in the watch strap.

  • Watch Out for the Grain in the iWatch strap – Leather Watch Straps are of different types. The one great thing about going for a leather watch band in Australia or anywhere else is that each leather piece is unique. No two leather straps are identical, although they may be similar as they come from the same leather variety. Each strap is designed uniquely, given one of the exclusive iWatch standards that one craves for.

  • Contrast Stitching – When buying a black leather apple watch band or any leather Apple watch band in Australia, make sure to take a look at the contrast stitching on the sides of the watch as it gives a look a wholesome tightness, making the iWatch strap stand out among other plastic ones. The contrast stitching plays a major role in determining the quality of the strap. In fact, the contrast stitching on the watch strap is an added detail that creates an eye-catching look. Look for the contrast you may enjoy, an unusual one, and make sure to purchase the right apple watch leather buckle for your needs.

How to Clean Your leather Apple Watchband

The primary concern of the owner of an apple watch leather buckle is keeping it clean from dirt, grime, and sparkling for use each day. Here’s the process of cleaning an apple watch leather buckle well.

  • Firstly, remove the straps from the watch. This keeps the watch case, and dial protected rather than spoiled.

  • Secondly, wipe down the leather using a dry cloth. This step is essential as you can easily dust off any of the dust accumulated on the leather apple watch band. This step is crucial before involving the use of any liquid cleaning agent. All collected debris is removed. A soft microfiber cloth is the best kind of dry cloth to use.

  • Thirdly, now using a soap, preferably liquid soap thoroughly applied on the watch, clean the strap. Make sure the soap that you use is a gentle one. The stripping found in harsh soaps can easily damage the leather. So, only use light and gentle soap to clean it. The right way to apply soap is by gently putting soap on a microfibre cloth and rubbing that into the leather strap. Make sure that you only dampen the cloth with water and that it isn’t fully watered. Rub both the sides of the strap.

  • Next, remove the residue soap from the strap by rinsing off the soap on the microfiber cloth and then wiping down the leather strap once more with a clean damp cloth.

  • Now, let the band dry off completely. Consider air-drying and not any other form of drying. Apart from that, please make sure that you don’t place the apple watch leather buckle in direct sunlight, as doing so can damage the strap.

  • Apply a small coat of leather conditioner post drying the apple watch leather buckle completely. This will help retain the shine and quality of the leather strap in use on a daily basis.

This is how one can care for their apple watch leather buckle and keep them looking fresh for a long while.