The Ultimate Guide to Equestrian Fashion

Whether the sun is high up in the sky or the wind blows strong, equestrians will always find themselves training with their horses and enjoying their time in the saddle. Like any other demanding sport, horse riding requires specific clothing to guarantee the best performance in the field while also respecting the discipline’s historical roots. When it comes to dressing the part, there is no wrong or right way to do it and it all boils down to preference and availability of the kind of clothing you’re opting for in your region.  Are you a competitive rider, or are you into the leisure aspect of the equestrian sport? Either way, you can achieve the look by following the ultimate guide to equestrian fashion.

Pick The Perfect Jacket

The easiest way to incorporate riding gear into your daily attire is through a nice equestrian jacket. Not only are they meant to keep you warm during cold weather, but they’re also manufactured with breathable materials that allow your body to self-regulate its temperature. Casual wear can also look stylish if you know how to combine your accessories, and if you base your clothes’ color palette around your skin tone or weather season, you can achieve a great look. Equestrian fashion is all about enhancing the rider’s performance while keeping them comfortable during their time on top of the horse, so using versatile clothing is a top priority. 

Jackets are ideal for fall or winter, but if you’re experiencing hot temperatures, you can switch to lighter materials to incorporate the equestrian touch into your attire. Another excellent option to add to your closet would be a vest or light sweater in neutral colors since they can easily combine with any garment.

Boots Are Essential For The Look

One of the telltale signs of an authentic horse girl is the footwear. Riders demand high-quality footwear to step up to the challenges faced during dressage, showjumping, and eventing competitions. The wide variety available in equestrian footwear will give you great options to choose from, depending on what activities you have in mind. For instance, if you’re planning some horse riding sessions, you’ll have to wear leather riding boots with a tight-fitting design around the leg. The key here is to choose the correct calf width and height to find the ideal tall boot for you, and according to Ayr Equestrian, you might also want to combine them with riding breeches to complete the appearance. But what about less formal footwear? Fortunately, equestrian fashion also covers short riding,  country, and work boots. 

The common element here is leather since it’s a durable, waterproof, and noble material that follows traditional discipline standards. Maintaining their shine and waterproof properties is crucial to keep your boots as functional as the first day you wore them, so don’t hesitate to invest in professional-quality cream polish and leather polisher.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

As we’ve mentioned above, people may only associate jackets and boots as part of equestrian fashion. Fortunately, you also have the opportunity to add accessories to your daily look that will pay homage to your passion. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the current season and material type. They’re also the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through your dressing style. From protective gear to thematic garments, it’s up to you to decide how to complete your look.

To give some examples, maybe you want to wear full-finger gloves to keep your hands well protected from the cold and wind, for instance. In that case, you wouldn’t mind using the same pair as the ones you use for training while you drive in your car on your way back home. Or perhaps a relative gifted you a horse-themed pin or brooch, which can easily add a nod to your passion in any attire. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to paying homage to your riding skills. 

Horse riding is a vibrant lifestyle that requires a significant monetary investment, but it’s a rewarding discipline. With its historical roots that shaped the sport the way it is today, everyone can distinguish the equestrian fashion at a single glance. If you’re into horse riding, you understand the importance of purchasing professional-quality clothing for training and competition while also using some garments for your daily tasks. After all, not everything is so glamorous in the barn! Don’t be afraid of browsing specialized magazines to look for inspiration next time you want to renovate your closet and think about your priorities when you’re just thinking about the next riding session with your dear horse.