The Two Procedures for the Best Curves in the Business

Curves are a pretty big deal nowadays. You might not think so, but the recent trends should be enough proof of just how much we adore them and strive to have bodies with a little extra mass in the places where it counts. And it’s not just a trend either; it’s also an acceptance of our bodies and their distinct forms. It’s great that we can now celebrate our bodies, instead of simply forcing ourselves to look like our favorite actors.

But what happens when you just don’t feel satisfied with how you look? What if you’ve always wanted more curvature in your form and those contours that make your body look so much more interesting? Of course there’s a way around this, with a little help from two treatments: Sculptra and BBL in NYC clinics’ masters of curvature and lifting up the parts of the body where it counts.

With these two treatments you can effectively get the curves that you’ve always wanted, but without any of the hassle that comes with getting them naturally. As with anything else, modern science and medical technology has given us another very effective shortcut in life. And this is how Sculptra and BBL can take you that much closer to the body you’ve always dreamed of.


If you follow the beauty industry or know a thing or two about cosmetic treatments, then dermal fillers have probably crossed your path more than once. They are a very popular compound used in a variety of facial augmentation procedures and one of their biggest uses comes from the fact that they are able to expand the face in various places to make it look younger.

Sculptra functions almost the same way as dermal fillers. Well the compound that is used and the technique that is used to inject it may be different, it is what they do that is somewhat similar. When a sculpture compound is injected into parts of the buttocks, it lifts the posterior’s shape and gives it a little extra mass.

Once injected, the compound fills important areas of the posterior and lifts up the area to give the buttocks a bigger curvature. The compound itself is absolutely safe, as it has been known to cause few side effects and comes with a very slim chance of causing an allergic reaction. The worst that could happen would be a little swelling as well as aching as your body gets used to the newly injected compound, but this is very much natural period anything that you inject into your body is automatically going to be fought against by your immune system until your body recognizes it as an innate and safe new edition.

The procedure is fairly short lasting around an hour mostly depending on how much compound is being used and in what areas. Even though the aim of the procedure is to add curvature to the buttocks, there are several different paths to take when it comes to the procedure since everyone is built differently. So this makes Sculptra one of the most reliable posterior filler treatments out there. It’s a great way to build up some extra mass in the buttocks and create curvature that looks natural.

BBL or the Brazilian Butt Lift

Because of its name a lot of people assume that this procedure came from Brazil. However you’d be surprised to hear that it has barely anything to do with the country, other than the fact that the first person to have received the procedure was a guest on a health related TV show and they happen to be Brazilian. But even if it has nothing to do with the country, considering the trends and the cosmetic fads that have reached out globally, including the South American country, I’m sure that many Brazilian people would also be interested in this treatment.

Much like a skull truck, the Brazilian butt lift focuses on adding to the body’s curvature and making the butt look bigger, but in an authentic and healthy manner. But treated with sculpture and BBL don’t have that distinct artificial look, where the posterior is just jutting out from behind. Both treatments can make Fuller buttocks look natural and healthy.

But what size BBL apart from sculptra, as well as many other body augmentation treatments, is that this treatment utilizes your very own body fat to add mass in places that matter. What happens during the procedure is fat is extracted from various parts of your body. This could be thigh fat, the fat from the belly and pretty much any other place that is safe enough to cut a fat out of. Once the fat clusters are extracted, they can then be reused by injecting them into the buttocks.

This way, the treatment works on two fronts: it removes unneeded fat from areas where the patient doesn’t want it to be there, and it adds that very same fat to a place that could use a little extra mass and fullness. And it’s this efficiency at being able to accomplish two things with a single procedure, that makes BBL such a special treatment among so many others.

And both of these treatments you can find at Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics medical spa. Their Sculptra and BBL NYC treatment packages are famous across the city as some of the best deals you can find on either one of these amazing treatments. It’s easy to get lost when you have so many to pick from if you live in NYC or a city that’s just as big, but some choices are as clear as daylight.

So regardless of what clinic you go to, if you’re looking for a little extra curvature in the places where it counts, you can always try either one of these treatments and see what kind of results they produce for you. Chances are you’re going to leave the clinic satisfied with your new body.