The Trendiest Vintage Diamond Rings to Consider in 2021

Some things just never go out of style; denim jeans, classic red lipstick, white sneakers, and vintage diamond jewelry. Popularly worn by British royals, vintage jewelry hasn’t lost its flair and classic appeal.

In modern days, brides are actually requesting vintage style rings as wedding bands or engagement rings.

What Exactly is Vintage Style?

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean old. It can be a brand-new piece of clothing or furniture that has a certain vintage appeal. This style is also known as retro (retrospective) that typically imitates fashion and style from a certain era. Retro clothing is a modernly made product by copying an older piece of jewelry.

In comparison to contemporary or modern pieces, vintage jewelry is a reproduction of anything older than 20-30 years. Read this article to understand vintage style and all its accessories much better.

Famous Vintage Style Rings

People who are considering buying engagement rings, typically associate them with flamboyant and contemporary designs. Brand new designs can definitely reflect and incorporate styles from ages ago. Expert jewelry designers can bring modern and antique together and create gorgeous pieces that reflect specific eras.

It has become quite popular for modern brides to wear vintage rings. This is mostly influenced by the royal family, who made it a popular tradition to pass on wedding bands from generation to generation. On the fingers of many royals you’ll see century old rings that was once worn by queens before them.

Luckily, modern designers can copy the details of those eras into modern diamond rings. Some of the most famous vintage designs feature Celtic knots, pave Milgrains, Filigree patterns, round halos with Celtic knots, and intricate cathedral cut rings.

Trendy Vintage Diamond Rings in 2021


If you want to go vintage, but would also remain contemporary, then you can consider any of the vintage diamond rings listed below.

Emerald art deco

Art Deco is a decorative art style predominantly embodied through the 1920s and 1930s. It features bold geometric shapes with strong and vibrant colors. Diamond rings that feature Art Deco characteristics will typically have a square or full oval shaped stone.

To add color, the center piece of the ring will be a dark green emerald or ruby. This stone will usually be bordered by a silver or gold thick ring. Aligned around the golden border will be diamonds perfectly placed.

You can find small incisions or openings in between the big center stone and the bordering diamonds to create the signature Art Deco look. Celebrities that are famous for wearing Emerald Art Deco jewelry pieces are Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor.

Russian 19th century

Russian 19th century

The woman who first made 19th century Russian inspired rings a trend is Princess Diana. When her son, William, met Kate Middleton she would become the lucky heiress of the precious diamond cluster ring.

The piece’s design features 10-12 diamonds that are tightly clustered together around a colorful center stone. Almost resembling that of a tight-knitted flower. What makes this piece unique is that the diamonds surrounding the center stone, is cut in a crystal ball style. Giving the effect of a clustered bold flower.

Other celebrities famous for sporting a Russian cluster 19th century piece is Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Clients can decide whether they want to buy the real deal or have a designer create an exact copy of their favorite design.

You’d be surprised at the price tags set on some vintage jewelry pieces. Buying a vintage diamond ring is a great investment for the future. Don’t believe us? Check out these top 15 insanely expensive antique jewelry pieces that was sold on auction:

Mid-century aquamarine

Meghan Markle also got her hands on one of Princess Diana’s heirlooms when she married Prince Harry. A gorgeous mid-century aquamarine diamond ring. Even though this wasn’t her real wedding ring, the mere fact that she wore it on her wedding day gave way to a new trend.

Cut in a platinum Art Deco style, the aquamarine features clean rectangular cuts. To each of its sides it features smaller diamonds on a stairway setting. It’s a gorgeous classic reflection of mid-century era.

1920s French

A very classic ring that is still very popular today. It’s a sleek and minimalist design that features a big old cut diamond in a solitaire ring. The band is chic and smooth.

The stone in the center is set in a prong-setting and has been a popular choice for future brides since the 1880s. A modern looking band will have less flourishes and decorative design than an antique band. Another difference is that vintage rings’ diamonds were hand-cut, making them much more chunky than modern shaped and cut diamonds.

For this ring, it’s all about the diamond because it will be in the center stage. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right one. Watch this guide to picking the perfect diamond.

Edwardian clusters

Our personal favorite, is the Edwardian cluster. It is so well designed that it looks almost identical to a cathedral’s glass stained window. Usually in the shape of a pretty flower, the ring features three layers. The center diamond, then a circle of smaller diamonds around it. Underneath the second layer is colored stones and even more diamonds mirroring the petal shapes of a flower.

To top off the gorgeous band is rectangular and decorative incisions to the sides. It’s a gorgeous blend of silver diamond, color, and vintage gold. Edwardian clusters take on many different floral shapes and can be changed to your own style.

Other vintage styled rings will feature a lot of intricate designs on the band. With loops, curls, and shapes, usually handcrafted by a skilled jeweler. This is also a reason why they are much more expensive than modern designs. Definitely worth the extra dollars.

Release your inner lady Diana or Queen Victoria and invest in a Vintage inspired diamond ring. It will be a timeless choice that will make heads turn and look stunning on all your wedding and engagement photos.