The Top Three Tips to Clean Your Rolex Watch

Rolexes are some of the most expensive watches in the world. If you own one, then you’re one of those privileged people who can afford its high price. Many people dreamed of having a Rolex watch, yet they couldn’t have it since they can’t afford the high cost.

No matter how luxurious and expensive your watch is, it will still get dirty, and you’ll never need to clean it. It’s important to remember that cleaning a particular watch, especially if it’s a rare, classic, vintage, or luxury watch, they have a proper way to be cleaned. You should not clean it like you’re doing on some of your necklaces or bracelets, since eyes have different materials on them that might get ruined if not properly taken care of.

Know First If Your Watch is Water Resistant Or Not

Usually, luxury watches such as a Rolex watch are already equipped with water resistance technology. However, it’s better to be sure than sorry with cleaning a particular luxury timepiece like this one, which is why you need to read your manual or search for some information on the internet to know if your Rolex watch is indeed water-resistant or not.

There are instances that people tend to neglect this detail before they wash or clean their watch, and they end up ruining their expensive watch. Watch brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, and other expensive watch brands offer a watch that’s already waterproof; however, some watches aren’t.

Checking for some little detail or information such as the watch’s water-resistant capability will also save you tons of money in the future. If you have a watch that’s not water-resistant, you’re at least aware of the things you can do with it, especially how you clean it. There are many ways to clean a particular watch that’s not have waterproofing.

Know The Right Time When To Clean Your Watch

It’s crucial that as an owner of an expensive watch such as Rolex that you should know when is the right time to clean your wristwatch. Typically, you’ll find this information in your watch’s manual. It will be stated how and when to wash or clean your watch. If, for instance, that the owner’s manual didn’t note anything, you can also get some help from the internet.

Many sites or reviews on the internet provide some ideas or information on how or when you should clean your watch. Like a car or motorcycle, watches also have their preventive maintenance, which helps to lengthen your watch’s lifespan. You should not take this one for granted since this is an essential thing to do.

But usually, if you’re an active type of person, and you often wear your watch outside, it’s a must that you clean your watch at least once every month. However, if you’ve been to the sea, you should wash and clean your watch right away since saltwater is more destructive or dangerous compared to freshwater.

Know Which Material or Element You Have On Your Watch

If you’re not too familiar with watch material, here are some of the most used materials for watches right now: Stainless steel, Silver, and Gold, Yellow Gold. The material used for a particular watch also affects the watch’s rarity, price, and design. Furthermore, it will also help you know how to clean your watch without damaging it effectively.

Most expensive luxury watches are made of gold and stainless steel cases and materials. To make sure that you’ll not ruin your watch, you can just use cotton buds and water to clean your watch’s surface area. Never try other chemicals, not unless it’s stated on your owner’s manual.

What is the best way to clean a Rolex watch?

Cleaning a Rolex watch is relatively easy if you have the right information. When cleaning expensive watches, never experiment and use any harsh chemicals that are not recommended. To make things short, don’t take shortcuts when cleaning your expensive Rolex watch.

The best way to clean a Rolex watch is to use only some soapy water, cotton, a dry microfiber cloth, and a toothbrush, or any type of soft brushes. Never try to clean with water if you have leather straps. You can only wash your case and bracelet with water since it’s water-resistant. For more information, there is much information online that can help you.


It is granted that having a luxury watch such as a Rolex watch is indeed a unique feeling. However, being an owner of a remarkable and luxurious watch, it’s also your obligation to take care of it. With a proper time to time cleaning of your watch, you just not only make your watch look good as new, but it will also help your watch to last longer than usual.