The History of Casino Fashion Over the Last Hundred Years

Quite differently from online casinos which you can access and play from anywhere and which does not need special clothing, land-based casinos have operated in a contrary manner over the last hundred years as certain fashion trends have been required over the last hundred years. On visitation to a land-based casino, it doesn’t take long to notice the fashionable wears being adorned by both the players and workers in the casino. This is no coincidence; it is part of the casino fashion all geared to provide an overall classy and enjoyable experience.

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Casino fashion over the years

Today’s casino fashion is not just a recent development, it dates back over hundred years. As far back as the 1960s, some celebrities like Frank Sinatra displayed the slickness of casinos, though more recently, the mandatory fashion wears have been relaxed and casino goers are now given more freedom when it comes to casino fashion. However, basic prerequisites exist and must be met before gaining access to land-based casino main floors. It is important to follow these dress codes to avoid being limited to just slots when visiting.

Initially, casinos were like a venue for the wealthy to show off their wealth. Hence, fashion was one of the avenues through which this was done. Customers were usually suited up or smartly dressed. Though, as the years have gone by, these casinos have accepted less wealthy social classes but they’ve tried to still ensure the casino fashion tradition stands via a common dress code.

The conventional dressing is meant to sustain a sophisticated feel which is smart yet relaxing. During the day when there are few clients, the clothing is more casual though much later in the day, clients are more restricted to dress smartly.

Famous Casino Attires

Ladies and gentlemen have had their various casino fashions which Casinos have preserved to a reasonable degree. In our modern-day, it’s common to see ladies wear cocktail dresses while men wear black/white ties on casino floors. The famous fashion codes prevalent in the majority of the land-based casinos have included:

Black tie

Though formal, when compared to a white tie, it’s quite casual. This style of dressing dates back to the nineteenth century. Nowadays, it’s commonly called a tuxedo and is the go-to wear for men on evening occasions. As for women, pantsuits, ballgowns, and cocktail dresses also serve as black tie clothing.

Even though black ties aren’t mandatory anymore, certain casinos in Europe like the Casino Monte-Carlo prefer visitors to be clothed in black ties. In some particular Atlantic City/ Las Vegas VIP events, it is also the preferred form of clothing.

Semi-formal wears

It’s another common fashion trend that has existed over the years, usually worn for events that take place before the afternoon. Though, regardless of when such events occur, this fashion trend hardly changes.

For ladies, semi-formal wears are Little black dresses, Cocktail dresses, lengthy dress skirts accompanied with matching tops.

As for men, their semi-formal casino fashion over the years have included: Conservative colored dress shirts, vests that match, conservative ties, as well as dull-colored business suits

Though, casinos rarely expressly request their visitors to dress in semi-formal attire. Nevertheless, the majority of online casinos will not turn you back in this.

Casual wears

This is usually misunderstood by many persons when it comes to casino fashion. In a layman’s language, casual clothing refers to any clothing which can be worn especially for relaxation. However, when visiting the casino, casual clothing has basic standards. So, although you are free to wear various clothing, there are certain standards to be complied with to gain access to the main floor of the casino. Over the years, casual casino fashion has included:

For Ladies, casual wears are Long skirts, polo shirts, plain t-shirts, turtlenecks, shorts, blue jeans/khaki.

For Men, casual wears are: polo shirts, turtlenecks, plain t-shirts, Bermuda shorts, button-down shirts, blue jeans/khaki, loafers, or sneakers

Generally, many casinos require their customers to be dressed in casual clothing. Though, it is necessary that casual clothing be interpreted in the context of casino fashion. While you enjoy the freedom of casual clothing, you should take into account both your comfort and those of other customers. Always ensure, you do not wear casual clothing with slogans, as you are unaware of who is getting offended by the words inscribed on your casual wear.  Also, it is not advisable to dress down by wearing flip-flops or sandals.

The casino fashion dates back over hundred years. In the olden days, about 1700-1800, the customers were limited to formal wear, that is black tie wears. However, in recent years, there has been more freedom and choice of wear. This freedom though does not give customers the liberty of going below the basic level of casino fashion. Since casinos differ and have different rules, it is always advisable to enquire about the dress requirements before attending such a casino. This is because even if you are allowed into the casino in casual wear, gaining access into other areas such as the VIP sections may demand more formal wear. Though, as years have gone by, the rigidity of casino wear has reduced but always make sure you enquire ahead of time to avoid looking out of place.