The City Of Reno Signs A Deal With Talkspace In A Bid To Improve The Mental Health Of Citizens

The city of Reno has settled on an agreement with Talkspace to improve the mental health of more than 200,000 residents of the city. The deal, which was spearheaded by the Mayor, Hillary Schieve, will help citizens above the age of 13 receive free mental healthcare and support. Other cities that are part of the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression – iFred, will also benefit from the program. This initiative came after the Reno City Council saw the need to address mental health problems in the area and voted to implement the CARES act dollars.

This move would help fund the treatment of struggling citizens, especially due to the change of lifestyle caused by COVID-19 as the number of infections continues rising. This has affected Reno’s local economy, schools, and families.

Talkspace is a company that provides therapeutic services for millions of people across the world. It is ranked no. 1 service provider for teletherapy services and mental health care in the country. Earlier this year, the Senate passed the CARES Act that looked to address Americans’ economic, social, and health problems across the country. This move by the City of Reno will be the first of its kind since the bill passed.

Mayor Schieve said that Reno’s citizens needed mental health services now more than ever since they feel isolated, adding that no one should suffer in silence, especially now that many lives have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. She also said that the city is working on bringing the people together to find ways to improve their lives without breaking the bank. She thanked the city council for the vision to implement the idea.

The Chief Medical Officer at Talkspace, Dr. Neil Leibowitz, said that like most cities in the country, the Reno community is experiencing increased stress levels without the means to address the problem. This may be caused by insufficient funds, inconvenience, or the inability to find the right mental care provider. He added that the company was honored to be chosen as the service provider to expand access to healthcare and that they look forward to partnering their medical staff with the residents of the city. The program will launch together with Reno’s Hopeful Cities program.

Talkspace, through its digital platform, has managed to connect thousands of licensed psychiatrists and therapists with people seeking to improve their mental health. It has options for every mental care need, ranging from couples and adolescent therapy to psychiatric therapy.

Some of the benefits of the platform include;

– It is available whenever and wherever you need it. It has 24/7 access.

– It is flexible since it eliminates the need to travel and stress on meeting your schedules

– It fits in with your lifestyle and personality as it allows you to make plans

– You can get to choose a therapist you want with no extra charges

– Qualified and silenced staff willing to help

– You get to receive high-quality services at relatively low costs