The Best Handbags For Every Occasion

There are several handbags for every occasion from lunch with friends to dinner with family. Choosing the right one can be a little tricky because of your options. This can be everything from an authentic Gucci bag for a stylish event to something a little more functional like a tote bag. It is important to remember that these are just guidelines. Every person has a sense of fashion and should express it. Below is a list of examples of what type of bags match the type of occasion.

The versatile tote bag

The tote bag is a very useful and fashionable bag for the woman on the go. A tote bag is a rather large handbag with two simple loops as carrying handles. They’re often made from a canvas fabric or something else that’s durable. So what occasions can this versatile and durable option be good for?

One occasion would be for going to the grocery store. Since this bag is rather rugged it wouldn’t stand out while you go shopping. With the tote bag, you can also use it to store items. So, if you only grab a few things, instead of getting plastic bags you can put it right in your tote bag.

The tote bag is also good for casual, artistic occasions like painting or working with clay. The tote bag is something that can take a beating. Painting supplies can be stored in it, clay working tools, and other things. A bag like this is perfect for the artistic person who also wants function along with a little bit of fashion.

The satchel bag

The satchel bag is the perfect everyday, casual bag. This is what goes with a nice outfit when it’s time to hang out with friends or family. The satchel bag is a pretty small bag with long straps that can be worn cross-body. Most satchel bags are made of leather and have a great look to them so it can be filled with a jumble of things and still look great.

Since this bag is so versatile it goes with a lot of occasions. From casual days out to family outings, this bag looks good. Some occasions that may not fit so well with this bag could be a long outing, like a weekend outing with friends. This is because the space is rather limited and it may not be enough to hold everything that you might need. The bag’s versatility is its downfall. Because it goes with a lot of common outings its not very good for special occasions.

The hobo bag

The hobo bag is the essential “big, everything bag” that most women should own. This bag has a lot of room and comes with two short, thick straps. This is more of an outing bag so it goes very well short vacations and weekend getaways. This is because the bag is spacious like the tote bag but it’s more fashionable like an authentic Gucci bag.

A weeklong vacation might be a little too long for a bag like this. It’s more suited for a three day weekend. Someone can easily fit a change of clothes or two, some essentials, and other things for that long trip. This bag might be a little too heavy and cumbersome for everyday outings. This is why the satchel bag exists.

The hobo can also be a good work bag. It fits a lot of things and may even fit small tablets, a phone, and other things that a person may need for work. This makes it a good alternative to having a backpack. Sometimes a backpack isn’t an option and a nice handbag is a much better option.

The clutch bag

The clutch bag is for special occasions or fancy nights out. The clutch bag is a very elegant bag that is usually very small, a little larger than the average paperback book. This bag is great because it provides enough space for essentials but isn’t too big. Some occasions that are perfect for this bag are anything formal.

Weddings are a great example of a formal event that the clutch bag fits in. Depending on the person’s wedding they may even have clutch bags picked out to go with the bridesmaid’s outfits. Another great occasion is fancy nights out. A formal date at a nice restaurant probably isn’t the place for that tote bag covered in paint. So grab a nice clutch bag and make it a great night.

Some issues with the clutch bag could be its small size. It does not typically come with straps so this is a bag that could get lost. Like most bags, the clutch bag has a wide price range. Since it is a more formal handbag most people like to put a little into it and buy a really nice one. So it’s important to be mindful when a clutch bag is brought to a night out. Don’t place it down and forget, always keep it close, and keep an eye on it.

The straw basket

Most bags are made out of leather, canvas, or some other really warm material. So what option is there for the summer months? It is the straw bag. The straw bag is a bag made from woven straw. They come in a lot of different styles from a small clutch type bag to something in between a tote and hobo bag. What really sets it apart is the material. The straw makes it a much friendlier option for those brutal summer months.

Brutal summer months mean beach outings and family cookouts. A leather bag doesn’t fit in at the beach and it might get too hot to handle, literally. The good thing about straw is that it doesn’t heat up compared to leather. A hot leather purse is a pain to hold so this makes a clutch, without straps, out of the equation.

Straw bags do very well when it heats up and should be a part of a versatile wardrobe. The good thing is that most straw bags are an affordable addition. This makes it very easy to add some straw bag items to a wardrobe without spending a lot of money. It also means that should one go missing, it’s not that big of a deal.

Some guidelines

A lot of these are guidelines in nature. A person doesn’t have to bring a clutch bag to a wedding. If they have a tote that looks great, then they should wear it. The same can be said for every other bag. The idea is that the nature of each bag means that it’s best suited for certain occasion but there’s no rule that should stifle a person’s fashion creativity.


Handbags are almost an essential item in every person’s wardrobe, men and women. Each handbag has a unique build that makes it best suited for specific occasions. Some bags are better for a nice casual outing while others are just best suited for formal outings. The price of these bags does vary so it’s best to match the price with the use.

While this can be seen as a guideline it shouldn’t be seen as a strict set of rules to follow. A person has their own unique sense of fashion and it should be allowed to be expressed. So don’t be afraid to grab that Gucci clutch purse and take it grocery shopping.