The Best Hair Dye Color for your Skin

If you find yourself considering a new hair color for this season, perhaps there is a detail that you are forgetting. Many times, we fantasize about wearing that hair tone lighter or darker, regardless of how it will look on our skin. Believe it or not, the tone of your hair can highlight or minimize certain areas of your face. In a complementary way, our complexion color can create the perfect match with your hair or a look that is too drastic. Do not regret the color you chose, or end up with a change of which you are not entirely sure. We show you how to identify your perfect tint color in two easy steps.

Determine your Skin Tone

Cold | Intense | Warm

Cold tone. People with this shade usually have blue, green, bluish-green eyes with shades of gray or dark brown, almost black. The veins on your wrist reflect a blue tint, and the complexion looks healthier against white colors. Shades like pinks and purple hair dyes flatter your lips more than colors like corals, terracotta and chocolates.

Intense tone. With a strong hue, your eyes tend to be dark brown. Your skin radiates against bright colors, like royal purple and green. Like your skin, your lips look best in rich shades like reds and burgundies. When you see the veins on your wrist you will see them in a purple color with best purple hair dyes, you can buy the best dyes color from best review website.

Warm tone. Light, white and beige colors flatter you, while your lips stand out more with coral, terracotta or chocolate brown tones. The veins on your wrist have a greenish hue.

Find your Shadow, Light Complexion

The lighter your skin, the paler you can choose the tone of your hair. Warm-toned people, similar to actress Michelle Williams, look best honey, butterscotch caramel, and strawberry blonde dyes. These shades will bring out the pinkness of your cheeks, creating a soft glow on your face. If your tone is cooler, similar to January Jones, look for blue-based tints, such as platinum blonde, silky blonde, or champagne color to flatter your ivory complexion.

Medium Complexion

Your skin color allows you to wear a wide variety of dye tones, being the perfect contrast to show off lights in your hair. If your tone is cold, Cameron Díaz type, opt for ash tones like wheat blonde or nut brown to counteract any coarse point on your face. A sandy blonde, caramel gold, or copper color will brighten the buttery tones of warm-toned people.

Olive Complex

You have that sultry skin color that resists the intensity of deep shades of brown or any earthy color. To create depth in your hair, subtle highlights in gold or honey are ideal. If you are a cool tone, balance your greenish notes with toasty hues, such as hazelnut brown, cinnamon and reddish-brown tints. Enhance your warm tone with mocha tints like ebony brown and other violet-based coffees.

Dark Complexion

With your skin, the idea is to create a contrast between your hair and your complexion. Whether you go light or dark, if the tint is very close to your skin color, your features will disappear. Deep tints, with dark hues like espresso and ink black, will look perfect against cool-toned people. If your tone is warm, opt for tints in maple brown, mahogany, toffee and other warm shades of coffee, to bring out the pink notes on your face.

What are Hair Dyes and what Advantages do they have?

Hair dye or dye is a chemical preparation designed to color hair, either with the intention of covering gray hair, or to change the style. This procedure can be done at home, or in a hairdresser (which is recommended if you are inexperienced, or if you need a previous bleaching).

There are a wide variety of shades, as well as brands and types of dyes, since some remain in the hair until it grows back, and others go with the first washes. There are also natural products, without ammonia, but they last very little time on the hair.

The biggest advantage of hair dyes is that they allow you to hide gray hair, giving you a fresher and more youthful appearance. They also give you the possibility to create new looks, and change the style as many times as you want, since there are countless shades available to choose from.