The Best CBD Products

CBDs are a new way of thinking about personal wellness. The market is saturated these days with CBD infusions (from CBD oils to CBD gummy and tincture solutions making up the bulk of the CBD product market) and it’s easy to see why.

While the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates these CBD substances as foods rather than healthcare products—and as such, prevents CBD manufacturers from marketing CBD oils, sprays, and capsules as an “anti-inflammation” agent or in other healthcare-forward ways—there has already been much said about the great things that CBD products bring to the table. Whether you’re trying CBD oil with a unique flavor or one of the many CBD topical on the market, here are a few things to know about this hemp-based product.

How does CBD work?

CBD—or cannabidiol—is a byproduct of the hemp plant. This is a cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis plant, just like marijuana, yet CBD is a unique substance that offers all the same general balms while leaving the psychoactive effects of the THC cannabinoid at the door. Rather than get you high (like THC does) CBD offers a more comprehensive relaxation that can help power you through all manner of daily activities without sacrificing alertness, coordination, or any other functionality that often falters as a result of THC intake.

CBD operates within the same realm as the endocannabinoid system that lives within our bodies. As an evolutionary mechanism, the cannabinoids produced within each of us are a holdover from an ancient time when humans were forced to chase prey over the course of miles. The potency of this triggered reaction can be seen today in the “runner’s high” that athletes still experience while participating in road races and in fun runs.

CBD—the plant variety—produces this same effect. While scientists assumed that endorphins released during extreme feats of endurance were responsible for this bodily reaction, new breakthrough research points to a different progenitor of the effect. In essence, the human body produces the light, airy sensation that can be achieved through THC or other cannabinoid usage as a result of doing what was ostensibly “its job” in these ancient bodies.

While humans have also been smoking THC-forward varieties of the cannabis plant for many years, it’s only in the modern world that we’ve mastered the art of creating the best smoke odor eliminator for discreet usage. Smoking THC or CBD products of various strengths, potencies, and dosages has become far more widespread, and safe, now that it’s been legalized in locales all around the United States. Still, the stigma remains in many communities. Utilizing a smoke odor eliminator is a great way to enjoy the benefits while leaving the odor behind that can signal mixed feelings in others. A smoke odor eliminator works to hide the smell of smoke, whether it’s cigarette smoke or CBD smoke.

A human that could run after prey for longer was able to eat and remain healthy, so this feeling of peace, joy, and lightness is a natural reward produced deep within the endocannabinoid system that we’ve been carrying around for hundreds of thousands of years. Piggy-backing on this natural phenomenon, CBDs provide the same opportune ways in which a boost to daily routines can be had, albeit without the intense workout coming ahead of the natural reward.

CBD Oils

CBD oils are a great place to begin when looking for a new CBD product to bring into your daily routines. Searching for simple advice such as “what is the best CBD oil” can act as a great place to begin when approaching a new product for your morning or evening ritual. CBD oils are easy to use and they come in a handy and typically drop-proof bottle. This is important when handling any type of oil (as a result of natural slickness) so finding a product that not only works well, but also comes in user-friendly packaging is important. Always get medical advice about using CBD oil or topicals for the first time so that you’re aware of proper dosage and potential side effects. Also, be aware of how much CBD oil a dropper contains and what potency your CBD oil or CBD tincture comes in.

Manufacturers like CoolJarz are a staple in this arena. This producer is an eco-friendly manufacturer of tubing containers and is a big name among CBD production. Flavor, potency, and CBD blend are all important when choosing a CBD oil, but a product that’s made with the environment at the forefront is often an excellent way to give back to the land that you have benefitted so intensely from. Indeed, the CBDs that you will be using to augment your lifestyle are a plant-based solution that can only come from the Earth. Utilizing a CBD product that relies on an environmentally conscious packaging solution is a great way to pay it forward.

CBD Gummies and Capsules

Pill-style CBD options are also a favorite among CBD enthusiasts. These are easy to use and work in much the same way that a CBD oil will. Rather than dropping it beneath your tongue, you’ll take the capsule or gummy at the time that works best for your schedule and feel the time-release benefits all through the day.

Manufacturers operating state of the art facilities like SeraLabs and their SeraRelief lineup have perfected the fabrication methods required to produce these types of CBD products and provide users with a high potency and high quality option for their busy lives. SeraLabs is a leader in the health, wellness, and beauty space, and their proprietary formulas maintain an edge over the competition in virtually all sectors they compete within.

While CBD oils have a generally higher bioavailability than sprays, gummies, capsules, and tinctures, the ability to simply mix in a CBD pill-style solution into your current regimen is a powerful freedom. Rather than having to protect the CBD oil from exposure, breakage, or leaks, pill-form CBD can simply be stored alongside vitamins or other pill containers. Some CBD vendors even offer free shipping, which makes getting the benefits of CBD all the more simple.

Topical CBD Patches and Creams

Finally, CBD patches and CBD creams are another great way to deliver the benefits of CBDs with high purity into the bloodstream. Patches can be placed discreetly on the skin beneath your clothing and worn throughout the day, while creams can be applied whenever the need arises. These are a great option for those who are looking for controlled release that can last for many hours—or even the whole day or longer in some instances.

Topical patches in particular are a set it and forget it solution for those looking to incorporate CBDs into their routine. One of these topicals in the morning can last the entire day (if it’s a quality product), regardless of the activity load that you engage in, making it an excellent choice for those who are still “in the closet” about their CBD use.

Hemp based products can offer an excellent option for people on the go. Consider one of these delivery methods for your routine.