The Best Amenities for Upscale Italian Villas

The rolling, green hills of Tuscany are a luxurious and gorgeous destination to indulge in a getaway. This region of Italy is iconic for its beauty, food, wine, and it has a deep historical significance. When you’re choosing a place to stay while exploring Tuscany, certain upscale amenities are always appreciated.

Private tours

  • Some of the stunning villas in Tuscany offer less strenuous ways to see the surrounding environment, as the hills can be difficult when walking. Other options include tours by e-bike, which help guests tackle the hills with electric motors that assist in the pedaling. Other properties can arrange a car service, either self-driven or with your own driver. These cars are often electric or hybrid vehicles, which can be great in helping protect the environment and lessen the noise pollution in Tuscany too.

Robes and slippers

The true mark of elegance at a gorgeous Tuscan villa is having your own robe and slippers. Only the best places will offer this amenity, especially those with a spa or sauna on site. Some villas can give you robes that suit your size or material preference. Top luxury villas may even have your initials monogrammed on keepsake robes and slippers that you can take home with you.

Turndown service

Who doesn’t love an elegant turndown service? At luxury Italian villas, it’s a welcome perk to return after a long day of sightseeing to a sparkling clean and inviting room. This can even include a treat, such as local chocolate or fruit to snack on in the evening. Some guests love to don their favorite robe as this time, which can be laid out accordingly.

Italian-style breakfast

Italy is known for its amazing food. While you may save the pasta and heartier dishes for later meals, it can be a great experience to have a large breakfast spread at Tuscany Italy villas. For instance, there is often a selection of local cheese and charcuterie that goes well with crusty bread. It might be unusual compared to eggs for breakfast, but it’s a nice way to embrace the Tuscan lifestyle, even early in the morning.

Wine tastings

The star of the show during many Tuscan vacations is trying out all the vineyards. They specialize in deep red wines offered at the vineyard itself. However, many villas will host their own tastings so guests can try varieties from several different growers. This can be paired with local food, such as appetizers of cured meats and cheeses. Wine tastings can be arranged privately as well, alongside an interesting lesson in how wine is made and produced in Tuscany.

Hot springs on site

Many hotels and villas will have a relaxing spa on the property to enjoy. In Tuscany, many of these places incorporate natural and manmade hot springs for guests to try. Pools for lounging and swimming can be inside or outside, depending on the weather. Alongside the pools, there can be salt soaking baths and other treatments available, such as hot stone massages. An afternoon of pampering is a true mark of great Tuscany Italy villas.

Cooking classes

Some guests staying at luxury villas will want to have a hands-on experience to surround themselves in Tuscan culture. This can come in the form of a private cooking class to learn some Italian-style techniques. One of the specialties in the area is a fresh vegetable soup, which guest can master making with high-end ingredients. Chefs explain elements like adding olive oil, chopping, and stirring to complete the perfect Tuscan dish.

State-of-the-art gym

Even if the gym equipment is not available on-site, the luxury villa can often arrange for an instructor to come to the property for a private class or personal training session. After all the food and wine, it might be a welcome addition to the getaway in Tuscany to exercise for a few hours. Yoga and Pilates are also popular in Tuscany, having guests center themselves and stretch to feel rejuvenated and ready to explore the countryside can be a great choice to make when vacationing here.

Many various experiences and perks can deem a villa worthy of the luxury title. Guests can keep an eye for those amenities listed above to ensure their own experience will be exclusively luxurious.