Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shoe Fashion

Man sitting on the wall wearing brogues

If it is true that a man’s dress is evaluated from the shoes upwards, then it is his tone that influences someone’s judgment first. Recently, the shoes like everything else in men’s outfit have become less rigid. Nowadays, you can wear oxfords with jeans and trainers with suits. But the key to … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Women’s Shoe Fashion

Woman in blue denim skinny jeans and black stiletto shoes

Fashion is all about confidence. When it comes to wearing shoes, it reflects the personality behavior of a person. However, if you want to look good by wearing attractive shoes, you don’t have to give up comfort. Contrary to a popular belief, beauty is not always a pain. What most women don’t … Read more

Why are flats bad for your feet?

flip-flops on a sand

Fashion makes people unique, and it also signifies culture and identity, profession, age, gender, and style. Even casinos have a dress code. Celebrities and prominent people are the most common icon that some people look up to when it comes to their fashion sense.  People want to be stylish, keeping up with what’s … Read more

Top Men’s Sneakers for Summer

Top Men’s Sneakers for Summer

Sneakers are the footwear of choice for men, especially in the warm summer months. Comfortable, sporting and designed to allow the feet to breathe, sneakers are a sensible choice, too, and whether you are wearing them casually or for taking part in sports, there are plenty to choose from. You know all … Read more