The History of Blouses

woman wearing a fashionable long-sleeved blouse

Blouses are loose-fitting upper garments that most women wear today. In our article about the Interesting Facts About the 1950s Fashion Scene, we’ve mentioned that blouses are quite fashionable during the 1950s. This is true, even though some people back then might have considered specific designs a bit risqué before that decade. … Read more

The History of Skirts

woman wearing yellow skirt

When it comes to fashion, skirts are among the most popular pieces of clothing for women. It is the lower part of a dress or another garment that is worn from the waist downwards. A skirt, at its simplest, can be a draped piece of clothing that is made out of a … Read more

History of the Tank Top

smiling woman listening to music while reading a book

The tank top has been given a bad rep because of its frequent association with all kinds of nasty and overly macho men. Its unfortunate connection may have been attributed to the many jerks, on the screen and in real life, who have worn them throughout the years. It even got off … Read more

Embellishments That Can Turn an Outfit Around

Embellishments are pretty features of clothes. They are decorative details that can make our clothing more appealing and stylish. Also, for people who make clothing for a living, adding embellishments or enhancements also adds value to the item, giving them more profit. Wearing pieces of clothing with pretty embellishments can also boost … Read more

Clothing Essentials Every Woman Should Own

A sleeveless day dress

All women have experienced opening their closet with tons of clothes and still say, “I have nothing to wear.” If this usually happens to you, you need to assess your wardrobe as well as your shopping habits. Are you always buying fast fashion? If you don’t have the essentials, it can be … Read more

A Fashionable Way to Be Patriotic Through Clothing

A Fashionable Way to Be Patriotic Through Clothing

Being a patriot means being proud of your country and to defend it and support it rigorously. Many know that defending your country means serving the armed forces, but you may wonder what they mean by supporting it? There are many ways in which you can support your country such as helping … Read more

What Makes Alpaca Clothing so Amazing?

If you’ve never heard of alpaca clothing, then you’re missing out. This fiber has been around for a long time, and it has been used to make some of the most durable and comfortable clothes you can find. Alpaca is also known for its beauty and warmth. People who engage in knitting … Read more

4 Pieces of Clothing That are Perfect for the Holiday Season

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or any other religious holiday, you most likely want to spend it with your friends and family. Additionally, if you’re like us, then you want to look and feel your best during family events. The easiest way for you to do this is by purchasing a new … Read more

Can Leggings be Worn as Pants?

A pair of black and white pants

Fashion is a part of our culture and means a great deal for most people. No matter what era we’re living in, we might notice that society sets a standard about the appropriate clothes to wear. The idea of these clothes and their accessories has progressed with time. For instance, many decades … Read more