Famous Designers of the 1920s

the fashionable Coco Chanel

Fashion in the 1920s attracted unparalleled publicity from the movie studios that publicized photographs of popular movie stars who were loved by many women. With this, women during those times wanted to match the clothes that they wore. They became the most influential of all the fashion icons of the era, and … Read more

The Interesting History of Stockings

woman wearing stockings

Among the many different fashion accessories that women wear, one of the most interesting to learn about is stockings. They are close-fitting and variously elastic garments that cover the leg from the foot up to the knee and sometimes part or all of the thigh. In the present time, there are many … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Iconic 1920s Fashion Scene

Interesting Facts about the Iconic 1920s Fashion Scene

Thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic remake of The Great Gatsby in 2013, there has been a revival of interest towards 1920s fashion. Both the book and its movie adaptations have featured some iconic features of the Roaring 20s, especially when it came to the fashion trends. This renewed interest is why we … Read more