Surviving cold days in style – winter styling tips

Let’s talk about a topic every woman finds it close to her heart…

…winter fashion…

Probably, every woman’s Pinterest board is 80% made of autumn/winter street styles, with dozens of jackets, boots, sweaters and hats. 

But realistically speaking, cold weather and style are the ultimate enemies because few outfits look good during winter

What about fashion bloggers? Cold temperatures don’t seem to bother influencers who can wear long boots, short skirts and a fur coat in -20 degree weather. The truth behind their pictures is that they spend maximum 20 minutes dressed in that outfit, then they change into something cosier, but they don’t post the last outfit on Instagram because it wouldn’t get them as many likes as the sexier one. 

And then you open your closet and there is a marshmallowed-up parka because you don’t want to freeze your ass off when you get out of the house.

So, is there any chance for you to look stylish this winter?

Let’s see…

Essentials for every girl’s wardrobe during winter


Yes, you read it right, turtlenecks are a hot trend again. If you have never worn one, it’s the moment to invest in nude cashmere turtleneck blouses because they’ll keep your body warm through rain and snow. For extreme cold, you can even double up the turtlenecks to enhance the cosiness. If you like bulky clothes (Kanye West style) you can wear a tight one underneath, to create a layer that keeps your body warm. 

Socks you can show off

Forget about the classic black socks you wore last winter, this year you should find some models that you want to show off because they can act as a statement accessory. Printed socks look chic with boots and over-the-knee socks are great layers under your trousers. 

And if you want to be festive, try a pair of Christmas-printed socks because they’ll adorn perfectly any basic outfit. 

Thermal tights are a girl’s best friend

During winter, you tend to leave skirts in the closet because cold weather freezes your legs. This winter you can show them off (you hadn’t worked hard in the gym to keep your toned legs hidden under a pair of trousers) by wearing a pair of thermal tights. And the good part is you can find fancy pairs of tights with dots and lines if you want to complement your outfit with a stylish pair. Thermal tights work great as underlayer if you need something to keep your legs warm for long periods. 

Colour block

Do you remember the red and purple outfit Meghan Markle worn when she was pregnant? Take a cue from her, and mix and match bold clothes in bold hues. Women find easy to get stuck to nude and black clothing during the cold season, especially if they live in a busy city, but colour-blocked items will boost your mood. Use pastels and brights for clothes, and nudes for accessories and shoes. 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is another example of a woman who wears bold colours in style. She usually combines tops and bottoms in the same colour, but the hues are always bold. You can’t miss her on a street, and it looks like her clothing makes her the most cheerful woman on Earth. No wonder Nick Jonas felt deeply in love with her. 

Surviving cold days in style – winter styling tips 2

Tall boots

Tall boots have always been on trend, so it’s simple to find a pair that fits your style. Nice-fitted tall boots will enhance your style and change your outfits because they are perfect to be worn together with short dresses and skirts. If you like bulky looks choose a pair of over-the-knee boots. Pair them with an oversized hoodie and you’ll get an outfit Ariana Grande sported many times. 

Tall boots are a must in every woman’s wardrobe because they are stylish and easy-to-wear. Looser ones are perfect matches for skinny jeans if you want to wear pants instead of dresses. The latest models of tall boots feature laces, but if you are looking for a more girly look you can replace the laces with affordable organza ribbons, However, ribbon laced-up boots cannot be worn for any occasion, so choose carefully the times you get out of the house sporting them.

Oversized scarves

Do you love scarves? NO? You should learn to love them because they’ll turn your best friend during winter. Dedicate a section of your closet to this accessory because they can take any outfit from casual to Instagramable. Scarves are the ultimate secret to stay warm while looking sophisticated during cold days. You can play with the colours, patterns and fabrics. Learn from models and influencers because they throw a scarf on a boring outfit and they obtain an Instagram-worthy look. Without a funky scarf and a fashionable hat, you will look exactly like all the other women who wear chunky coats during winter.  


Speaking of accessories that make people turn heads, hats are essential during winter. Hats keep your head warm. No matter what model you prefer (knits, felt hats, berets) they are all winter’s favourites if you want to feel fashionable and comfortable. We’re not sure earmuffs fell in the hat category, but they are amazing alternatives for the women who want to show off their beautiful locks, and protect their ears from freezing temperatures. 

When walking around the city the wind creates a tunnel effect, and a pair of earmuffs can protect your ears from chills. 


We mentioned layers at the beginning of the article, so let’s talk about them. Layers are behind every outfit that keeps you warm during winter. Layers are the base for a winter outfit. Your winter dressing routine should consist of three steps, get a hat, a scarf and mitts. Do not leave the house without them. 

Then you should wear a pair of thermal tights under your trousers, a tight turtleneck under your loose blouse, and a parka on the top. 

The key to a cosy outfit for a winter day is to layer everything up. Layer under, layer over, and you’ll look chic and ready for cold days.