Simple And Effective Solutions To Give Your Living Space More Flavour

Although the kitchen and bathroom are often a priority when renovating, to revamp your home, you need to focus on the living room too. Apart from being the first room your guests see, we can say a lot about your taste and style from the living room.

Are you wondering how to give your living space more flavor and more elegance, but your vintage Champagne taste is at odds with your canned-beer budget? Here are some inside scoop on simple and effective ways to give your living space more flavor

1. Employ Large-Scale Art

If you are looking for how to make a tremendous impact on your space, your living room is a good place to begin. The professionals at have assured us you can create a focal point and make an impression by hanging an oversized piece of art on one of your living room walls. With a minor fix, you get a very classy look.

You can get large art pieces for reasonable prices at flea markets and thrift stores or show your creative part by making your own.

2. Simplify Your Styling

Avoid cluttered, over-accessorized living rooms as they can easily look messy and disorganized. Rather, go for stylish and sophisticated. Reduce your collection and keep only pieces that have sentimental value. Keep things that not only reflect your style but also fit with the look of the room. A simplified space will make the remaining elements shine.

3. Incorporate Interesting Textiles

By using vintage or antique textiles to make throw pillows or to cover small pieces, you can add a lot of flavor to your living room. Use these materials to make things like seat cushions or upholstered stools.

Making use of something like an antique Turkish rug is one simple but instant way to create visual intrigue. Alternatively, you can add a textural throw over your sofa to increase the cozy effect.

4. Choose Accessories Wisely

You can create a more luxurious look by handpicking your accessories. A useful tip to follow here is placing small sculptures, candles, bowls, etc wherever you have flat surfaces.

Give your living space more flavor by adding your style using accessories and make your space feel like it’s truly yours.

5. Add a Sculptural Item

Your living room shouldn’t be a sea of straight lines and circular forms. Introduce elements with interesting shapes or unique silhouettes.

An uncommon coffee table or unusual side chair will leave the same feeling like a piece of art in your living room, adding an unexpected, unique, and wholly artistic flavor to your design.

6. Add Vintage and Mix Textures

An exceptional piece of vintage furniture is another way to add flavor to a living room. No matter your style, a vintage piece of furniture will add history and a sense of importance to the room.

Whether you want to go big and buy a gigantic piece or keep it simple and purchase something petite, the piece’s intrigue will speak for itself.

Also thoughtfully mix materials (metals, glass, wood) and textures to give your space a unique look.

7. Take note of Scale

If you have soaring ceilings, go for something more light, like linen. Avoid heavy window treatments as that will make space look smaller.

If your living room has low ceilings and smaller windows, you can avoid window treatments altogether. The limited natural light can still do its magic.

8. Rethink the Lighting

Updating light fixtures alone can instantly change the feel of your living room, without overhauling the space.

Try new lampshades, swap out your chandelier, or even just rearrange your light sources.

9. Swap Throw Pillows

Swap throw pillows to match the season or your mood as a quick way to infuse fresh energy into your living room.

Play with throw pillows of various colors, textures, and patterns, try out different placement; beyond the couch, the armchair, lounge, or the bench.

10. Play With Patterns

If your living space is mostly gray, whites, creams, and browns, get yourself a bold, unexpected rug.

In an otherwise neutral space, a beautiful patterned rug can be of great impact.

11. Give Your Walls a Treat

Add flavor to your living space with patterned wall panels or wallpaper. With many amazing options, you can do a beautifully textured wallpaper if you are not a fan of patterns.

there are limitless ways to show your creativity in this way.

12. Switch Up Your Furniture

A new furniture arrangement may be the just-right flavor your space needs to feel fresh. If you need tips with this, try arranging your furniture according to feng shui design principles.

13. Brighten things up

Add flavor to a boring living room with a fresh coat of paint. White isn’t your thing? Opt for a warm neutral color instead, so it’s still flexible enough to try with various décor.

Another great way to brighten and add flavor is by painting your ceiling. Go bold with a bright color that draws the eyes upward and makes your room look larger.

However, if you’re doing this, choose a color that complements the style of your living space so accent decorations are highlighted.

14. Mount Your Television

You can also give your living room a clean, streamlined look by mounting your television to the wall. Determine if your wall can handle the weight and remember to measure your walls.

Still, wondering what to do after reading this? Well, sometimes working with a professional designer may offer cost savings solutions. This is because designers pay trade pricing on materials, and you get to enjoy the discounted prices. Their experience and expertise also mean they can show you exactly where and what to adjust to get desired results.