Role of chain Bracelets in biker’s fashion accessories

A bracelet is one item of jewelry that is worn or wrapped around the wrist. Men and women equally wear bracelets to show their personality through their style and fashion. The word bracelet originally comes from the Greek word ‘brachile’ that means ‘of the arm’. The fact is that for centuries men have worn bracelets of bones and shells to ward off evil spirits. Wealthy persons wore gold and silver bracelets to display their wealth and power.

Now it has become the modern style fashion accessory for males. Bike riders wear it from good luck to status symbol. There are so many designs and styles coming into the market. Bracelets may be made from metal, plastic, beads, or other materials. Special jewelry bracelets can include pebbles, wood, gems, shells, and crystals. The important thing about a jewelry bracelet is to match your outfit and glow your personality.

Chain bracelet

Chain bracelets are predominantly made of links. There is a large variety of chain bracelets that are used by men, especially bike riders. Different types of chain links are manufactured like a curb, box chains, oval links, wheat chains, and rope chains. Gold and silver are timeless tones that always keep trendy in your jewelry.

Importance of chain bracelets in bikers’ life

A bike chain bracelet for men as an add-on accessory seems cool from a fashion standpoint. It becomes more important when a comprehensive and stylish ensemble gets together. Whether an expensive or budget-friendly chain bracelet worn by a biker is accepted as a sign that displays his style and expression. Here we listed some important points why bike riders wear chain bracelets.

Tradition keepers

You can see bike riders wearing bracelets, rings, ties, glasses and necklaces, and many more to keep their tradition alive. But a bracelet or armband is always accepted as it is easy to wear without wasting wearing movements. The main point of wearing chain bracelets is to keep their tradition alive.

Accessory for fashion

The trendiest item is a men’s chain bracelet in a biker’s life. Chain bracelets are worn to complement the outfit. Chain bracelets provide you with a touch of charm and elegance to your personality. A chain bracelet is a fantastic choice and completes your style because it is a perfect statement item.

Social position

Riding is a hobby and most riders do it as their passion. And passion did not look for any cost only wanting to feel proud and stylish. A gold and silver chain bracelet makes a statement on its own. It gives a good look when they stand in a crowd. Its sparkling shine gives an elegant look and feels wealthy.


Chain bracelets can be the perfect present for any personality and are usable for the rest of their lives. When you want to gift your loved one, especially for a biker friend, you can choose a chain bracelet that fits his personality and style. A lovely elegant style chain bracelet gift will leave a lasting impression.


Heirlooms are essential for keeping family traditions alive. If you get a magnificent chain bracelet from your elders you feel proud to wear it during bike riding. It is like this serves to remind the wearer of their illustrious past.  A chain bracelet is a long-lasting item and if kept with care will remain with you for a long period.


A lot of jewelry bracelets are worn to represent who you are. There is a lot of variety of chain bracelets for men that individuals know metal and other things. It is a basic piece or personalized item that appeals to our senses. Expensive chain bracelets are worn to display prosperity and status.

Each piece of a chain bracelet you possess may have personal significance for you or someone else. But chain bracelets have their own space in a biker’s life.

How do you clean chain bracelets?

Some strongest types of chain bracelets are cable, rope, curb, and Figaro. These chain types can be the finest bracelet which doesn’t break easily. It can be possible for jewelers to make chain bracelets with all kinds of metals but the most recommended ones are platinum, silver, and gold. With these materials chain bracelets not only look beautiful but also stronger and long-lasting. It is normal for a chain bracelet to tarnish due to a reaction with oils, acids, and moisture in the air. It is very easy to clean chain bracelets in a home with some care.

  • If a silver chain bracelet wants to clean place it in the silver dip for 20 seconds. Then remove it and wash it with normal water. Leave it to dry and then ready to use.
  • You can also use lukewarm water for dipping the chain bracelets. Leave it to soak for 10 minutes, wash it with normal water and then let it dry before setting it to use.

Repairing of chain bracelet

When any jewelry remains in use it is normal thing to break or damage it from any side because of carelessness. The easy and safe way to repair broken chain bracelets is to visit any nearby jeweler. But if you want to set it by yourself then follow these points:

  • Examine the damaged edge.
  • Separate the broken link using the needle-nosed pliers.
  • Match the closed link to the open one carefully.
  • Closed the ends of the open link together with the pliers.
  • Pull the link closer gently to see it all set.

If in the chain bracelet minor damage occurs then try to repair otherwise go to a professional to set up your bracelet chain.

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