Red Flags to Avoid When Looking for a Smoke Store Online

Online shopping is very convenient for most of our needs, but not all online stores give the best experience or sell the best products. Most online smoke stores offer the same type of products with their creative touches and design.

With so many small businesses cropping up in this segment, how can you tell if a smoke shop online is reliable enough? Luckily, there are some tell signs that you can be on the lookout for a while you shop online.

Lack of Brand Credibility

Established smoke shops usually have reputable partners, so this is the first thing you should be checking for. You can learn more about the brand by learning about the type of partners they work with and figure how trustable their products are.

Asking for Too Much Information

Phishing attacks are all too common nowadays as more people have started coming online. When you go on a website and continuously ask for lots of information, be wary of phishing scams. Even simple actions like clicking on links, filling forms, etc., can make you vulnerable to these scams. Never give out too much information, especially when you are just browsing through different sites.

Bad Website Design

A brand’s online website design tells a lot about them. In today’s world, it’s a big no-no to have a poorly designed website because that’s how customers make their first impression. Avoid stores that are not user-friendly and have complicated navigation. If an online brand doesn’t spend time and effort on their number one marketing tactic, they probably aren’t worth your money.

When a brand has a good website design, it lets you, the customer, easily find what you are looking for, from the product catalog to the FAQ or customer reviews.

Not Having a Solid Social Media Presence

You can find so much about a brand through their social media channels. It’s the best way to determine if the smoke shop is the real deal or a complete scam. So if the online store you’re on doesn’t have any social handles, keep searching.

If they do, make sure you go through their posts, read comments for product feedback, and see if their followers are real. It can also be a great way to see if you like the company or product through their online content.

Poor Customer Service

The customer has always been the king, and when shopping online, customer service can make or break a brand. When you are looking for a smoke store online, make sure they have good customer service. Since the items you’re buying are peculiar and unique, you need a brand that can answer all your questions before and after your purchase.

You can even test out the brand’s customer service by sending a question to the team on the mail or their social media. See how long they take to respond and if you like the quality of their answer. This will most likely set the tone for your future interactions with that online smoke store.