Providing Gifts for Your Significant Other Before the Proposal

To get your future fiancé in the right mood for a wedding, you must accomplish some gift-giving. Since there is an expected surge in the number of ceremonies held this year, love is definitely in the air. You might be one of the lucky couples saying their vows sometime soon. No matter how long the relationship has lasted, it is still essential to make sure that you woo your partner before the proposal.

Although there are some guides to ensure a happy marriage, it depends on the love language of the individuals involved. However, if you are aware that the person you are proposing to loves presents, or if you have never given them a gift, it is worth trying to see them smile. Plus, this gesture shows that you care about them and pay attention to their interests.

Furthermore, this can be an opportunity for you to commemorate a pivotal moment in your relationship. Presents are an excellent way for someone to hold on to memories because it is like a souvenir from the wonderful experience. It also keeps everyone in a better mood for something as life-changing as a proposal, so long as the right gift is given. Here are some gift ideas you should consider keeping the future fiancé happy:

Personalized Accessories

When an object is personalized, it will be one of the most meaningful and memorable gifts for someone to ever received. The item will be unique for a specific person, and it can also commemorate the time, date, and place of the moment when it was given. For example, giving rings with engravings for men and women can make experiences more special. The receiver will have a permanent reminder of how they felt when they got the present and has significance behind the carvings.

In a way, it is almost like the Ozymandias of gift-giving. Personalized items have a permanence to them that allows a moment to live beyond the people involved in that experience. Even as they pass, there will still be a semblance of the feeling of love that they have for one another.

This can also be a way for someone to show that there is stability or endurance in the future with their significant other. When a moment or a part of a person is carved onto an item, it usually adds meaning and sentiment to the object as the situation.

Plane Tickets

They say you never truly know someone until you travel with them. A trip with your significant other can show you their true colors and might make you fall in love even harder. This is an opportunity to see the other person in a new light, giving you an insight into your future with them.

Even more so, you will have shared experiences. Although plane tickets are quite expensive, it can be a trip that takes you to where you have always wanted to go together. Or it can make for a quirky social media post, like “At Seoul with my soulmate.”  Wherever you decide, it ought to be a memorable occasion because you will be doing it together.

The present could also double as a destination proposal. With the aforementioned personalized object, a foreign location might be the perfect place to pop the question. The unsuspecting significant other will be caught off guard, and the beautiful new scenery just might put them in a romantic mood.

A Lovable Pet

Taking care of a pet that both of you always wanted to have can be another way to learn more about your future fiancé. It shows how the two of you will handle responsibility and cooperate as a team. No matter which pet you choose, the important thing is that you look after it together while supporting one another when needed.

Pets can also signal a commitment to the relationship. The co-ownership of an animal can bring about emotions of a permanent love or a yearning for one another that goes beyond casual labels. It is also a way to show someone that you will be there whenever they need you. However, taking care of animals can be expensive, so you should consider if you can afford its maintenance before purchasing one.


Gifts can sometimes be the way to a person’s heart, especially when they are as meaningful as the ones mentioned. They create a feeling of permanence, trust, and commitment to the relationship. Whatever happens, these objects or experiences will always be something only the two of you share.