Prolong the Life of Your Tape In Hair Extensions

We have high expectations of tape in hair extensions but are not always willing to put in the effort necessary to maintain them. Tape in hair extensions requires maintenance because they are not natural hair, so the more carefully you look after your tape in hair extensions, the longer they will last.  Natural oils in our own hair help to maintain it healthy, but that isn’t the case with hair extensions. By following these methods, you may keep the excellent quality of your hair tape in extensions and reuse and re-tape them. Once hair extensions are trimmed, they require significantly more care to maintain their integrity, particularly semi-permanent hair extensions, which are used on a daily basis. The following are excellent suggestions for caring for your human hair extensions. Hair extensions require regular maintenance; they cannot be washed and worn. Numerous females have used our hair extensions for over a year and reused them multiple times. The secret to their accomplishment has been daily hair maintenance. For professional hair grooming, we recommend you check out hair extensions chermside.

Helpful Tips to Seamlessly Wear Your Tape In Hair Extensions

  1. Take daily maintenance of your hair extensions to clean them up and untangled.
  2. Avoid combing or brushing the hair extensions while they are still damp.
  3. Never sleep with hair extensions that are still damp. Always keep hair dry and tied back or, preferably, in a braid to prevent tangling at night.
  4. It is highly recommended that you brush the hair extensions as many times as you could throughout the day. It is also important that you brush it correctly by supporting the roots to avoid damaging the connections. If necessary, detangle using a wide-tooth comb.
  5. It also essential not to use high-quality hair care products too much because too much hair product can result in the buildup and tangling in the hair extensions over time. This is why you should exercise caution with the quantity of product you use. Never use items that include oil, alcohol, or ethanol, since they can cause harm to the hair extensions and therefore can cause the glue to wear down. In order to maintain a perfect condition of your tape in hair extensions, you should see to it that you only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as well as 100% natural hair products.
  6. Never bleach your hair extensions. If you’re coloring hair extensions, stay within two shades darker.
  7. After exercising or swimming with hair extensions, make sure to rinse away excess perspiration and chlorine.
  8. When working with hot equipment, always apply a heat protectant spray because the more heat you apply to your hair, the shorter the hair extension’s life will be.
  9. Avoid immediately ironing the tape tabs with a flat iron. This will erode the connection, allowing them to escape.
  10. When conditioning, work from the mid-shaft to the ends alone. When using tape-in hair extensions, avoid applying conditioner to the scalp.
  11. When applying serums or oils, prevent contact with the tape and apply just to the mid-length to ends. On the roots of the extensions, we utilize natural treatments such as coconut oil to maintain the hair healthy and glossy throughout time.
  12. Hair extensions should be reapplied every 6-10 weeks to keep the bonding nearer to the scalp making your hair healthy.
  13. Hair Tape in extensions is also not recommended for people who have experienced substantial hair loss as a result of sickness or who have severe hair thinning thus it is essential that you consult your stylist for further options.
  14. It is critical to clarify your shampoo BEFORE seeing your hairdresser. Prior to putting the hair extensions, the stylist must also use a clarifying wash. This means that hair conditioner must not be applied to the hair while it is being styled.
  15. Given that the average individual loses between 50 and 100 strands of hair each day, a tiny number of naturally released hairs will be seen in between the tape bindings at the time of removal. This is completely natural and must not be misconstrued as hair loss as a result of hair extension use.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Usually Last Before Having To Remove Them

Hair extensions appear to be a strange concept to a sizable portion of the public. If you’re considering purchasing a gorgeous set of extensions for the first time, you may have this particular question.

Fusion Hair Extensions or the “Strand By Strand” should last between 3 and 5 months

Hair extensions are fused to the hair shaft at the root using mild heat as well as a keratinized protein glue. This allows the extension to mix in with your natural hair effortlessly. This type of hair extension will last between three and five months. The more well-cared-for they are, the longer they will endure. This includes brushing carefully with an extension-specific brush, avoiding excessive heat application with a flat iron or curling rod, and cleaning them just 2-3 times each week for the greatest results. Proper care will ideally result in your extensions performing significantly better in the long run.

Tape-In Hair Extensions have a lifespan of four to six months

Tape-ins are another extremely popular technique of hair extension. This type of hair extension will last about 4-6 months with maintenance sessions every six weeks. The procedure utilizes adhesive weft tape, which does not require heat and allows your natural hair to continue growing very naturally. The best thing is that these hair extensions appear very natural and are virtually unnoticeable due to the invisible tape.

Clip-In Hair Extensions are detachable and temporary

Clip-ins are the most transient approach. After we teach you how to install your new clip-in extensions, you’ll be free to take them in and out as desired in the privacy of your own home. Each hair strand is connected to a little weft clip. Then, just clip each clip to the bottom of your hairline for instant glamour girl hair. You remove them after each use or at the end of the day to preserve your clip-in extensions in good condition. Wear these whenever you wish throughout the day. That is all the time you will require them, and you should remove them before going to bed.