Pretty See LED Vanity Mirror 2020 Review

Today, many beauty and makeup enthusiasts use compact vanity mirrors with lights fixed on them because these can help them apply makeup or do quick touch-ups anywhere they are. Aside from that, these mirrors often have luxurious designs that can enhance the ambiance of any room. The best thing is that most of them use energy-saving LED lights, making them eco-friendly and appealing. 

If you are looking for a mirror with lights that would help you apply makeup daily or on special occasions, you can try the LED Vanity Mirror 2020 by Pretty See. It is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use vanity mirror. It is also a great gift for fashionistas and makeup enthusiasts. If you want to know more about this mirror, here are some of the things that it can offer.


The LED Vanity Mirror 2020 by Pretty See is made of premium materials. It adopts upgraded aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and corrosion- and oxidation-resistant. It has a compact size and is easy to detach and carry out, allowing you to transfer it anywhere in your room. You can also bring it with you when you travel as it won’t take much space in your luggage. 

The primary mirror can be rotated freely, allowing you to find the best viewing angle as it is equipped with a magnetic ball. It means that the mirror can be adjusted for your comfort and not the other way around. This mirror has a simple but sophisticated design, that matches any room or bathroom style you have. 

When you purchase this vanity mirror, included in the package are one main makeup mirror, one small magnetic mirror, one USB cable to charge the LED lights, and one wiping cloth that you can use to clean the mirror’s lens.


Here are some of the unique features that the Pretty See LED Vanity Mirror 2020 offers:

  • 2000mAh Battery and Wireless Use

This LED Vanity Mirror has a built-in 2000mAh large capacity battery. Its battery is also rechargeable, and it comes with the USB charging cable. You can plug it in for 1.5 hours. When it’s fully charged, you can continuously use it from 7 to 10 hours in low brightness and up to 5 hours in its maximum brightness. That is enough until you finish applying your makeup, and will still have plenty of battery for quick touch-ups. 

  • 10-Times Magnification

It may be a small mirror, but it has a 10X magnifying feature that you can use to see the details that you want to focus on. With this, you’ll be able to apply your makeup perfectly without the struggle of putting your face near the mirror. Let the mirror adjust for you, especially when you’re putting on your eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and eyebrow. 

  • Adjustable Lighting Effect Modes

One of the best features of this vanity mirror that we liked is its 3 adjustable lighting effect modes. Since different styles of makeup applications require different lightings for the process to be more comfortable, you can adjust the lighting effects of this mirror to accommodate your lighting needs. 

One of its modes is warm light, which is perfect when you’re doing an evening or dating makeup. Another light mode is natural light, which is great when applying outdoor or shopping makeup. And lastly, it has a white light mode, which is perfect when doing your workplace makeup. 

To turn on the light, you just need to tap the mirror. To adjust the lighting effects, tap the mirror again until you reach the light setting that you want. These different light modes will help you further see the details of your face clearly as you do your makeup. 

  • 30 Pieces High Lumen Lamp Beads

Another fantastic thing about this vanity mirror is that it’s equipped with 30 pieces of high lumen lamp beads. These beads have high brightness that is up to 400Lux. The light of these beads is bright but not dazzling. It’s natural and soft to protect the eyes. It is also characterized by low voltage protection. 

Final Thoughts

We definitely recommend the LED Vanity Mirror 2020 by Pretty See to makeup enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable mirror that they can use for their everyday makeup application. This vanity mirror is energy-efficient but offers an extraordinary lighting quality. Its modern and appealing design can also enhance the ambiance of your room. It is also rechargeable, unlike other vanity mirrors with light that requires batteries to be changed regularly. 

If you are looking for something to give your fashionista friend or family member on their special day or something that will help you daily with your makeup and even take with you when you travel, this vanity mirror is a perfect choice. It is a high-quality mirror that will give you an incredible experience applying your makeup.