Popular misconceptions about oral hygiene

Oral hygiene encompasses the practices that people adopt to ensure that their teeth are properly taken care of. It includes regular brushing, flossing, and a lot more. In addition to adopting these oral hygiene practices, consultations with good dentists like the ones at Fain Dental Arts of North Miami: Sylvan Fain DDS is encouraged.

It is no doubt that oral care is very important; however, there are certain misconceptions about oral hygiene that are quite misleading. If not corrected, people who follow these misconceptions tend to cause more harm than good to their teeth. Some of the most common of these misconceptions include:

Only Visit The Dentist When You Feel Pain

Not all dental issues may cause people to feel the pain, which is why people must not wait to feel pain before consulting with their dentists. For instance, tooth decay may not cause a person pain, but it will gradually limit the functions of the teeth. The dentist’s work is not just to alleviate the patients’ pain but to also ensure that their dental health is at its best.

The Harder You Brush The Cleaner Your Teeth

The teeth and the gums on which they rest are very delicate and very irritable which is why aggressive force can damage them. Rather than aggressively brushing the teeth, people should gently brush their teeth by moving the brush in a circular motion around the teeth. The misconception of aggressive brushing stems from the belief that the stains in the teeth can only be removed if the brush with the paste is pushed hard against the teeth. While brushing can remove some stains and unwanted organisms and particles from the teeth, it is not solely responsible for stain removal and teeth whitening. For further advice on the best way to brush the teeth, people should consult with their dentists on what is suitable for their teeth type. Additionally, it’s highly recommended to get deep teeth cleaning with the dentists in Marlborough ma for best results.

Fluoride Is Harmful To The Teeth

Oftentimes, there is controversial information on the subject of whether to use a toothpaste containing fluoride or not. Some people are now convinced fluoride is bad for their teeth. Contrary to this, fluoride is good for the teeth as it helps strengthen the teeth and also prevents the development of cavities. Cavities are holes that form around the teeth as a result of the effect of mouth microorganisms. Those who adopt the frequent use of paste with fluoride have been reported to have healthier teeth than those who don’t.

Dental Health Is Independent Of General Health

Considering that the different parts of the body are connected and function together, problems developing in one part of the body may result in problems in other parts. For instance, gum diseases may contribute to the development of arthritis. This means keeping the teeth healthy will also contribute to the general well-being of a person’s health. Aside from this, healthy and good-looking teeth can encourage a person to smile more, and it has been proven that smiling more is good for a person’s overall health.

Always Rinse Your Mouth After Brushing

A lot of people have developed the habit of rinsing off the paste from their mouths after washing, and this isn’t the best. Toothpaste isn’t just to clean the mouth but also to provide the teeth with the necessary nutrients like fluoride. So, when people rinse their mouth after brushing, the nutrients that should have left in the mouth will be washed away. The best way to brush is to apply a small paste on the brush and avoid a lot of water so the mouth won’t get too foamy. After brushing, the mouth should be gently dabbed with a clean cloth and not water.

Sugar Is The Cause Of All Dental Issues

Yes, sugar can be harmful to the teeth, but it is not solely responsible for dental issues. Some dental issues are caused as a result of bad hygiene, while some are caused by unfortunate accidents. The cause for the different kinds of dental problems patients can have varied. Although, the constant intake of sugary material can be quite deteriorating to the teeth, especially if there is brushing afterward. This is because the microorganisms in the teeth are drawn to the sugary remnant left on the teeth surface, and they begin to feed on it. Eventually, they may wear off the protective cover of the teeth, and this can lead to teeth decay.

It is important to note all these, albeit very convincing, are wrong. They are mostly ideas that have been presumed to be right by a person and spread across to other people. So as not to fall victim, people should ensure to get dental advice only from certified dentists.