Popular Engagement Ring Designs That You Should See Before You Choose Yours

One of the most memorable moments in a person’s life is getting engaged. Perhaps the cherry on top of this remarkable event is the perfect engagement ring, check out the website here for great options. With the various styles that you can choose from though, getting the perfect ring may prove to be overwhelming. The most popular engagement ring designs listed below may be able to help you choose the most suitable ring that will signify your commitment and love to your significant other.


One of the most popular engagement ring designs that you should see before you choose yours is solitaire. The seasoned jewelers behind The Diamond Ring Company suggest that you go for this design if you want a classic and traditional style that features a single stone and a simple band. The elegance of this design can withstand the test of time because it will never go out of fashion, which means that your partner will always love it.


Another popular engagement ring design that you should check out before you choose one that you like is the cluster. This features many small stones grouped to create the same effect that a large single diamond brings forth. Because of this, a cluster-designed engagement ring is also referred to as an illusion ring. Compared to a solitaire design, a cluster design ring is a more cost-effective option.


With a pave setting, tiny other diamonds and precious gems are integrated into the band of the ring. For this reason, the ring catches more light, appearing to glow on your finger. If you will go for a pave design, then you can consider embellishing it with the birthstone of your partner to give the design a unique and personalized twist. In this way, you will be able to effectively enhance a rather simple ring.


There is also the option for you to go for a cathedral design that has been popular for several decades already because of its intricate and elegant style. With this design, the metal of the shank and shoulders of the band curves up to support the diamond. The curves resemble that of a cathedral, hence, the name of this design.


A halo-designed engagement ring creates a dazzling shimmer when the center stone shines. Smaller diamonds are set on the band to create a border around the center stone, resembling a halo. These smaller diamonds are the ones responsible for reflecting light onto the center stone making it more brilliant. If you want to maximize the size of the ring, then you can go for an oval halo style because oval-cut diamonds look bigger.


If you want to go for a personalized engagement ring, then the easiest way to do so is to alter the shank or the band of the ring. One of the most popular designs is a split shank wherein the band of the ring is divided in two on either side of the center stone. This leaves a small gap in the band making the center stone look larger. Nevertheless, a larger gap gives the ring an antique feel.


Finally, you should also look into a bezel engagement ring design, which is one of the most secure ring settings. In this case, the gem is securely anchored in place with a metal border which minimizes the risk of the stone being scratched or worse, falling out. However, this can be a more expensive design when compared to prong-set rings. Nonetheless, less maintenance is required if you go for a bezel-designed engagement ring.

This can be attributed to the fact that there are no claws that need to be tightened time and again. Perhaps the only drawback of this design is that the stone can appear smaller than it is.

The engagement ring designs listed above are only some of the ones that you can consider when you are choosing which one to get for your significant other. Rest assured that there are several other designs for you to choose from such as a three-stone-styled ring or a double diamond one. You can also go for an eternity band engagement ring. Aside from the perfect design though, the key is in ensuring that the ring fits the finger size of your partner