Online Roulette Security Measures To Prevent Scams

Online gambling is a booming phenomenon both in Spain and in the world. As this is an activity that uses real money, betting operators and game developers must ensure the transparency of the system. So in recent times there have been innovations in virtual security to make roulettes invulnerable.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in Korea, with thousands of active users. But all over the world, here is the most trusted site for Roulette Games online. That is why it has become imperative to provide the conditions for the service to run completely free of scams and deception토토사이트. Both national authorities and industry control bodies are involved in the task.

From playing in land casinos to online casinos

During the last decades, there has been a gradual but constant passage of users from classic casinos to online operators. This phenomenon, of course, has to do with the virtualization of the human experience in general. The growing demand from Spanish players forces both online roulette operators and software development companies to adapt to the needs of the public and the demands of government authorities.

Although online gaming still represents a minority percentage of the total gaming industry, its role is becoming more and more important. Roulette, in particular, has been the target of successive innovations both in terms of its rules and its aesthetics. This has attracted the attention of a wide public, who see online gambling as an improvement over traditional casinos.

Another determining factor in the preponderance of online roulette was the Covid pandemic. Due to the mandatory confinements, the gaming halls had to close their doors for a long time. This caused that there was a migration of the public towards the online modality. Roulette casino user numbers skyrocketed during that period.

Roulette safety, between the authorities and the industry

The security aspect has to do with the protection of users’ personal data and with the transparency of the games. For the first point, online casinos use efficient data encryption systems. Thus, personal information is invulnerable. The second point is solved through the random number generators. These algorithms create random numbers in each game.

However, as Hermann Pamminger, general secretary of the European Casino Association (ECA), expressed in the Second International Day Against Illegal Gambling, security also goes through the fight against gambling and illegal gambling operators.

In this sense, Hermann Pamminger stressed that the tasks of promoting security in legal gambling should be in charge of both the state authorities and the representatives of the sector. In the mediation between the two there must be a point of agreement that lays the foundations for the development of the activity.

Electronic roulette hacked in Granada

The online casino security incentive comes at a time when electronic gaming proves its fallibility. This was demonstrated by the recent case of the two young men who were arrested after leaving a casino in Granada without cash. In a single night they obtained, through a scam, the sum of € 56,500.

The thugs had already concocted similar frauds in a score of casinos in the community of Madrid. The Police arrested them in the framework of Operation Monaco, which is behind criminals who manipulate games of chance, after receiving the complaint from the owner of the casino.

In this case, the prisoners used an access card that allowed them to alter the result of the electronic roulette. With the necessary key, they managed to eliminate the non-winning games and re-invest until they took a prize. That is why modern electronic roulettes, as well as those available online, have systems that depend entirely on random number generators, but rather the possibility of altering the results.