Online Dating for Wiccans or Witches

Many people are born witchy, and they believe in the supernatural. Some are considered as the new-age junkie where they have dads that are known as a kabbalistic healer in their town. Their bookshelves are filled with books about ancient rituals, crystals, the kabbalah, meditation, astrology, and more. If you visit their house, you will mostly see magazines about Astral Projections, Witchcraft, Magic, Crystals, and Healings.

These people are considered misfits and different by others. They may go to school and become loners. But once they have discovered others who are into the occult and esoteric, you can expect them to open up and talk for hours about what they think. They can be a band of brothers and sisters creating their own little coven and talking about tarot cards every day.

These astrologers may let others know that they are practicing their craft. Know that dating a witch from wiccan dating sites is not as rare as one would think. Even celebrities believe in magic, and people nowadays know that witches are not creatures with pointed noses, wrinkled skin, and green faces. Dating poses the same challenges as everyone, but it can prove to be more frustrating as their dates may think that they spend evenings crafting spells or boiling magic potions in cauldrons.

What Dating Sites are Like for Wiccans

If you’re a Wiccan or looking for one, the good news is that there are plenty of sites available. Some people you may encounter may ask you to send nudes or turn into their sexual BS, but it’s best to block and ignore them. Also, know that most of the Wiccans may be uncomfortable with orgies and threesomes as what you’re seeing in shows like The Witches of Eastwick, so forget about them.

Fortunately, the majority of men are open to someone else’s beliefs. Others may even become more receptive, and they ask astrology questions so they can start flirting. You may even match with someone who will be looking for your sun or moon signs and who prefers a Gemini or Aquarius woman with an Aries ascendant. Yes, some can dump you or be into you right away when they are also studying astrology.

If you’ve set up your profile on a legitimate dating site, you might even find a guy who is into esoteric and occult studies. There’s a big chance that they might not match with you but connecting and finding them is possible regardless of the odds that you’re facing. When meeting a potential romantic partner, Wiccans may read their tarot cards and may even be surprised that their potential with one individual is so strong, and there’s a higher chance of working things out.

Where to Look?

1. Dating Sites with a Lot of User Base

People who find dates compatible with them discover that they have better chances on sites with over 20 million users. The visitors each month number in 10 million, and most of them have spiritual or religious backgrounds. These are the best for Wiccan singles where their profiles introduce them to potential mates who have the same interest as them.

The best thing about a site with a huge fan base and a lot of members is that it’s usually free to sign up to them. You can specifically say that you’re a Wiccan and looking for a match with a background in spirituality to make your dating life easier. Learn more about Wiccan symbols in this link here.

2. Specific to your Personality

Believe it or not, there are dating apps and websites for Shamans, Druids, Pagans, and Wiccans. They are all welcome to join and getting into their websites is easy. You just have to enter information about you, such as your date of birth, gender, zip code, and preferences for your ideal match.

Adding photos, a short description, and a catchy bio can definitely help. When you receive matches and offers, you can always communicate first before seeing them in real life. Signing up to a site where people with the same spirituality and belief system as you can make you more comfortable and be more willing to talk about your practices.

3. Meant for Dating and Network on Other Sites

You may be looking for friends, communities, or lifelong partners that will enable you to show your authentic self. With this in mind, it’s best if you could sign up on a website that’s meant for dating Wiccans and not for groups who just want to get together. Be specific on what you want and create a profile accordingly.

You can get interactive features, about 20 matches a day, and new users are featured on fresh faces on some sites. You can also keep an eye on the new members who are also joining the site. The only thing you need to do is provide your email, select your birthday, add a screen name, and choose your gender preferences. Another perk that you may find interesting is that your profile can also appear on other dating sites because some are part of a network.

4. Good Practice of Magic

Some sites are dedicated to witches who only practice good magic. They may want to connect with others who are aiming for peace in the world. Aside from the common goal, you’ll be able to know more about what others think of witchcraft on a specific age, gender, background, and ethnicity.

Modifying your profile according to whom you want to connect with, getting match suggestions, browsing other singles, and other activities can get you the virtual flirts you want. You won’t need to dip into your wallets because these dating sites are usually free.

What you need is a site that’s home to Heathens, Pagans, Wiccans, Shamans, and more. If you want to take a break from the online dating scene, there are also quizzes, games, stores, blogs, and sections about Witch’s Fest that will let you know about others’ celebrations and gatherings. A lot of engaging features are in store for Wiccans, and all you need is the right platform on the internet to discover others.