Online casino cheats: Is there a way?

For as long as gambling has been a pastime for civilisations, there have been people looking for ways to cheat so they can win as much money as possible. Equally, throughout the ages casinos, both offline and online have worked hard to ensure their casinos and players are protected from cheats, scams and criminal activity and technology has provided a much needed helping hand in defending casinos against casino cheats. As people seek new ways to cheat the systems in place, ever more innovative and state-of-the-art digital security is implemented by casinos to combat this.

Although the casino industry has a long and rich history of cheaters, online casinos such as are a whole new ball game when it comes to cheating. Online cheating collusion is of the most common forms of cheating online casinos and this is where players collaborate to win. This might not seem like cheating on the surface of things and sounds rather harmless, but nonetheless it is a crime. 

Although technology has helped to combat gambling cheats, the development of online gambling has also opened up a whole hoard of new opportunities for people to try and cheat, which the casino operators are extremely vigilant of. In many ways, online casinos are in fact more secure than brick and mortar casinos, however, there have been many instances where people have cheated in online gambling.  

As you might expect, the traditional tricks to cheat in land-based casinos simply don’t apply to online casinos because of course players can’t mark cards or conceal anything up their sleeves! The only real way players have been able to cheat in an online casino in the past was to in some way manipulating the random number generator or taking advantage of a bug in the casino game software. However, modern online casinos prevent players from being able to do this by ensuring that the RNG only operates following players placing their bets, following a “commitment” from the player so it cannot be manipulated.  

Online poker has been known to have had issues with cheating in the early days of the game, as some players discovered that the RNG at a particular poker site did not produce a completely random deck but instead it made its selection from only around 200,000 different combinations which are an example of how in the past online gambling wasn’t as safe and secure as it in modern-day online casinos. 

In summary, cheating in an online casino, or any casino for that matter is extremely risky and although there is a lot of money that could potentially be gained from cheating which is the key motivation for people to cheat, it’s simply not worth the risk of being caught out, which with modern technology is highly likely. If you’re caught, the consequences for cheating in a casino can be extremely serious and can not only include huge fines you could also serve a prison sentence if you cheat and you get caught. So, the best thing to do is play and win honestly!