Mobile Gaming Technologies That Are All Set to Revolutionize the Gambling Industry

Long gone are the days when enjoying gambling at the top land-based casinos meant a short and luxurious trip to Las Vegas. With the evolution of the Internet and the technological trends, the gambling scenario has witnessed a drastic change. People have comfortably shifted from brick-and-mortar casinos to online ones. But as time took a leap, providers of สมัครสล็อต and table games realized the importance of mobile gaming technologies to initiate betting on the go. This very insight paved the way for successful mobile casinos.

One of the key contributors was Net Entertainment. It was at the end of 2011 that the provider launched its range of Touch games. Though Starburst did not get the opportunity to transform into one of those, Gonzo’s Quest did. Later, the former was also converted into a Touch game. Play Starburst slot from your mobile today to experience the superb quality and the HTML5 update. However, this was just a trailer. You are yet to get enlightened about the other innovations that are yet to transform mobile gambling and for the better.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s move over to the technological trends that are paving the way forward for the mobile casino industry.

Live-Play Mobile Casino

Much of the differences between regular land-based casinos and online casinos blur out with live dealer rooms. By simulating the thrilling ambience of a physical casino with the help of the latest technology, it brings one closer to the world-class experience right from one’s mobile device. The presence of live dealers, LiveChat option and the latest technology makes it all possible. Visit online casino today to get an idea about it.

Virtual Reality Gaming

If you own game consoles, PC or laptops, you can almost always enjoy an interactive and thrilling gaming experience with VR gaming. Yes, additional gears like headsets and the VR software are obligatory, and the only thing that bothers is the expense. But, much of it can be avoided if you settle for affordable gears. Though the virtual world of 3V slots and card games has already witnessed an application of it through the adoption of VT mobile gaming, exciting changes are underway. Let’s cross our fingers and wait with bated breath for them to unveil.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has become part and parcel of our lives now. When you switch into the world of the Internet, you will observe personalized services and advertisements to float on your screen. How do you think Google and miscellaneous other search engines conjure up the magic? Well, yes, it’s through AI! The application of such an innovative technology echoes in the streaming giant – Netflix as well. Wonder where do all those movie recommendations come from? That’s right, it’s AI again. So, as you can see, it has spread far and wide, in every industry.

Why would the online gaming world stay untouched by this innovation? A part of it has already been exposed. The integration of AI chatbots and virtual assistance in mobile gambling has simplified the life of gamers through swift response to queries. This has acted in both ways. While punters have benefited from quality customer service, gambling companies have saved the cost of hiring staff for delivering them. Expect more of such drastic changes to innovate the mobile gaming industry.

Cloud Gaming Technology

Cloud technology is the reason why gamblers can save the trouble of downloading mobile casino apps to enjoy gambling. Also, it liberates one from the space-consuming apps. Renowned for making high-end games cheaper and simpler on local devices, it has saved many of hassles – one of which is frequent hardware updates. With some of its benefits like seamless gameplay and flash-like speed, the future stands bright from a mobile gambling perspective.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and similar such altcoins have ushered in flexibility in the payment system. Wondering which technology is responsible for powering them in online casinos? Well, it’s none other than Blockchain. Many global casinos have already adopted it, impressing gaming enthusiasts with guaranteed privacy and lowered risks. If you have never played with them, go ahead and do so, without fearing fraudulent activities.


Amazing and glorious years are underway with such innovations through the latest technologies including options like UWatchfree. Gear up for enticing features and superb experience in the mobile gambling world. Till then, enjoy the existing novelties as a mobile gaming enthusiast and let’s keep our fingers crossed!