Making Money Through your Fashion Passion

One of the most cliche phrases around is “do what you love and love what you do.” While this piece of advice sounds like it’s encouraging you to watch Netflix, eat ice cream and nap all day. But, the sentence is supposed to apply to your work life.

It makes sense, if you find work in a field you’re passionate about, you’ll likely enjoy your job more. If you enjoy your job more, you’ll work harder and become more successful. It’s a lot easier said than done, but it has some merit to it.

If you’re a fashion fanatic and dream of hitting the fashion capitals of the world one day, chances are you’ve thought about going into the fashion industry. It can be tough to break in, but below are some ideas to either land you a fulltime spot or be able to make some money on the side.

Blog it Up

As a warning for all of the next tips, none of these are a get rich quick scheme. They all require hard work, dedication and commitment. The first item exemplifies that to a T.

Starting a blog or social media page is one way you can start earning money through fashion. We’re not going to lie to you and say you’ll immediately gain 100,000 followers Day 1. You’re likely going to start very small before working your way up.

The main way blogs and social media pages earn money is through ads and promotions. You’ll want to find your niche and style and go wild with it. While there are countless fashion blogs out there, sticking to you and your style is the best way to get started.

Wearing clothes and taking cool photos is just a small part of running a successful page. You’ll also have to find your voice, show off your personality and make your page interesting. Think about the last time you chatted to someone attractive only to find out they had less personality than a rock. They may look good, but it’s easy to get bored quickly.

You’ll also have to push content out on a regular basis. If your page is active for two weeks, then dead for two weeks, active for another week then dead again, your readers or followers won’t know what to expect and will eventually lose interest.

Turn to YouTube

We all know YouTube is a great place for cat videos, documentaries and pregnancy announcement videos, but did you also know that it’s essentially replacing cable TV?

More and more people between the ages of 18-49 are using YouTube to watch videos, live TV or movies than they are using cable or broadcast TV. That’s pretty incredible.

So why not consider turning to YouTube? Just like creating a blog, it’s going to take some time to cement yourself in the game before you start earning ad revenue.

If you don’t like writing or feel you’re better in more of an open format, it might be a better idea to go this route. You’ll also have to pick a theme, stay on the latest trends and not be afraid to let your personality shine.

There will be some higher upfront costs than starting a blog, as you may have to purchase editing software, a camera and a nice microphone. No one wants to see a grainy you that they can barely understand.  Click here to know about Large Diaphragm Condenser Studio Microphones In 2020.

Start Your Own Business

By far the most challenging of the three options, starting your own business is a great way to really expand your passion and make it a full time job. Starting a business is not easy but is incredibly rewarding at the end of the journey.

First, it’s wise to try and look at the needs of your community. You’re not going to be starting the next Louis Vuitton immediately, so it’s better to look small instead of looking big. Try to think of something new and exciting. Many new fashion businesses turn to “fashion trucks” where it’s like a store on wheels, able to go to people’s houses for fashion parties and bring the closet to them.

Maybe you could service high school students throughout the year with their various prom and homecoming events. This initiative requires a lot of steps and planning, but it’s definitely the ultimate way to take your fashion passion to the top.