Looking For Stylish Maternity Dresses? Find the Best Options for You With This Guide

Of all the trends that have been going on in the last two years, getting pregnant is undoubtedly one of them.

So if you are pregnant right now, you have certainly stayed up with all the trends of the 2020s. And whats more, you equally get to rock the maternity wardrobe trends that are all the rage this year too.

Being pregnant can at times feel overwhelming. There is so much to think about and equally so much physical change taking place. It can be intimidating to all of a sudden no longer fit into your normal clothes in your wardrobe. But you should know that it is not forever and that all you really need are a few basic maternity dresses by Hatch to get you through the next nine months.

So as your little baby continues to grow within you and you deal with all the joys of morning sickness and other symptoms, you can at least know that your wardrobe for the next nine months is taken care of.

We have created the ultimate guide for those expecting so that you can be both stylish and comfortable. These two traits are extremely important when it comes to your own personal style and ability to feel great in a growing body.

Maternity clothes have never been as stylish as they are now. In fact, many women want to keep wearing their maternity dresses even after the little bundle of joy has officially arrived!

To help you worry about one less thing for the next nine months, we have put together the ultimate maternity dress guide for you. That way you can rock your bump in comfort, style and class.

Keep the Dress Loose

One of the best benefits of maternity clothing is that most of them are flowy and loose.  This means that you are able to feel comfortable while equally not having to solely wear sweatpants for the next nine months.

Maternity dresses are very diverse in terms of style. You can of course find more form-fitting maternity dresses that really flaunt your curves. But you can equally have maternity dresses that are loose and ensure you get enough airflow and circulation, as your hormones will be messing with your internal body temperature during this time!

Keep it Basic

While there is always a place and time for fun patterns and horizontal stripes, the best maternity dresses are the simple ones. Investing in a few simple maternity dresses actually allows you to really play with accessories and other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

It also allows you to layer your outfit and make the most of other staple pieces you enjoy wearing. But most importantly, the basic maternity dresses will allow you to get optimal use despite your ever-changing body during pregnancy.

Make Sure it is Bump Friendly

You do not have to shop for maternity clothes to have baby bump friendly clothing. Chances are, you already have quite a few pieces in your wardrobe that are stretchy and bump friendly! For example, you can make the most of those stretch Lululemon yoga pants and pair them underneath your maternity dress for extra support, comfort and warmth.

Another extremely friendly baby-bump piece of clothing is your oversized sweaters that are perfect for fall and winter. Not only can you use your oversized sweater with those classic jeans, but equally use it to layer over your maternity dresses making for an extremely cute combo.

Perhaps the ultimate style tip when it comes to finding baby bump friendly clothing is to look at exactly what you already own. Do a bit of an audit in your wardrobe first so that you have a better vision of the types of maternity dresses that will work with your already established style.

Make the Most of Your Trench Coats

No matter what type of maternity dress you go for, know that the trench coat is always the perfect piece of outerwear to pair with it. If you have gone for a maternity dress that is plain and solid colored, the trench coat is perfect for pairing and compliments any color scheme.

But because the trench coat is also a neutral tone that works with absolutely everything, you can equally pair this with a maternity dress that has fun patterns and colors with it too.

For many women, they choose to wear a maternity dress because it hides their baby bump. And the pairing with a trench coat fully supports hiding that baby bump too. In fact, the styling of a trench coat and a maternity dress is one of the ultimate go-to style tips many celebrity stylists suggest for their own pregnant clients.

Maternity Dresses with Athletic Shoes

One of the best parts about being pregnant is that you can get away with breaking any style rules. One of the best rules to break that maternity dresses allow you to break is the pairing of maternity dresses with athletic shoes. Not only does this provide a level of comfort for the outfit, but makes any style of maternity dress casual and fun.

Not only can you make the most of your casual maternity dress being paired with athletic shoes, but you can also style a more formal maternity dress with athletic shoes too. So if you have a fancy gala dinner to go to, pair your black maternity dress with stylish and funky footwear that will keep you feeling supported all evening long.

Accessorize Your Maternity Dress

When your baby bump keeps growing, you will likely want more back support too. Maternity dresses, no matter what style or pattern you have, are always made complete with a staple accessory piece like a belt. It allows you to turn the dress into multiple looks depending on the day and what look you are wanting to go for.


The real style guide and trick to maternity dresses is that there are no right or wrong ways to wear them. You can have fun for the whole pregnancy enjoying the different looks you can create with a staple maternity dress.