Live Sports: When and How Did It All Happen?

If you are a sports lover, we know you try to catch your favorite sports at any cost. You try heart and soul to get tickets to access stadiums. Sadly, you can’t always get a ticket for a certain sport. In that case, you surely appreciate the convenience of being able to watch your desired match on television in real-time. Also, some of you simply prefer to watch the game in the comfort of home with your buddies. With respect to watching a match at home, live 스포츠중계 is such a blessing for the sports lover!

History of Live Sports Broadcasting

Have you ever wondered how and when the live sports broadcasting started? Because come on! It is fulfilling the most important wish of sports enthusiasts. The people who initiated the process they knew the frustration the people who don’t make to the stadium seats. Also, by the advent of radio and television, it was kind of obvious for sports events to get enjoyed by the people outside the stadiums.

The First Step of Sports Broadcast

The story of the beginning of the sports broadcast is a truly fascinating one! The first broadcast took place in Lawrence, Kansas in 1911. There’s was a football match between Kansas and Missouri, and Missouri was hosting the game. Western Union got an amazing idea of reproducing the game in Kansas for 1,000 spectators. Although it seems impractical, the executed the idea of reproducing the match quite well.

How Did They Reproduce The Game?

They made models of the football field. By the end of each play, they announced and mapped the whole games on football field models. The models were then telegraphed to Lawrence from Kansas. This is known as the first live broadcast of sports which was undoubtedly strenuous.

First Radio Broadcast

After that incredible recreating of that football game, next happened an experimental radio broadcast. It happed in Dallas in 1919. Apparently, it wasn’t fully live.

The approach this time was with a radio announcer. The radio announcer got the telegraphs in Dallas and called out the events towards the listener.

First Voice Sports Broadcast

Then, on April 11, 1921, the very first voice sports broadcast happed. This was for a 10-round boxing match. In Pittsburgh, the Westinghouse station KDKA broadcasted a live radio announcement for the whole match.

In the same, several more live radio broadcasts took place. After the boxing match, a baseball game was broadcasted from Forbes Field. Then, a live broadcast happened, of the first college football match on the radio. Later that year, all the sports gradually started to get broadcasted over the radio. Finally, every sports team also started to own their live broadcast via radio.

First Live Sports on Television

People get to watch sports live on TV in 1939 in the USA. It was again a baseball game between the Princeton Tigers and Columbia Lions. This game was broadcasted by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

In Germany, the first live broadcasting of the Summer Olympics took place in 1936. But, most of the population didn’t have a TV to watch the game live. Then, first in 1939, a college football game was broadcasted live over television.

These live broadcasts were only capable of happening inside individual markets for the lack of necessary broadcasting technology. The first national live broadcast of a game took place in September 1951. Football was restricted to get live broadcast until 1982. Once football live got issued all the college football matches blew the live broadcast!

First Professional Live Broadcast

The first professional national football league (NFL) was aired live on 1939. The league and the broadcast business wad fully on business after that. The first professional hockey game wasn’t broadcasted live until 1960.

Final Thoughts

This is the story and evolution of sports broadcasting. And, it’s not just confined in the national TV broadcast. Nowadays, you can also access live games on various sports broadcasting sites as well.