List of Tarot Yes or No Card Meanings for Love Questions

Different tarot meanings are useful depending on the question you are asking. Most card meanings are not an exact match to the question. A card meaning can be very confusing and misleading. The most accurate meaning to ask about a question is always “Do you love”. Since love is a tricky thing, we have to give a general answer.

“Love” is everything you are seeking or looking for in your life. You can have a love for one person, and you can have a love for many different people. In some relationships, your love can last for a long time and be a positive and supportive bond. In other relationships, your love can be stable for a while, but can go through ups and downs depending on the situation. You can also have a love for a different type of person or a different time of your life.

The differences in tarot meanings for the seven love questions are as follows:

I don’t love you

Do you reject your partner? They are in love with someone else. Do you not love them anymore? You are not completely over your ex. You think your ex still loves you. Maybe they do, but you are not convinced. This is a hard question to answer, but I would not be surprised if it was the case. ABC tarot is offering love tarots yes/no with different meanings.

I don’t know you

Do you think your partner is amazing and want to know more? You have mutual feelings of love for this person. You don’t know if they love you back. If you are confident about this, this is a good question.

If you are in a relationship, you love them

You are in a loving relationship. You are completely committed to them. You don’t know if they love you back. They are either in love with someone else, or not committed enough to you to even be sure about how they feel. If you are not sure, you should do your own research. Find out what they want and need and what they are looking for in a relationship.

I love you

Do you think you are in love with them? If so, you are completely invested in them. You are happy with your relationship and are always looking for new ways to strengthen it. You know they are not in love with someone else, and that you are in a stable relationship. You are happy in your relationship.

But you want more

Do you want more commitment and intimacy? Do you want a long term, committed relationship? Do you need a relationship in your life to live your life? Are you feeling bored in your relationship?

You feel trapped in the relationship

Do you feel trapped or stuck in the relationship? You are feeling unhappy with the situation and feel you are lacking in a way to make the relationship better. You feel trapped or uncomfortable in your relationship.

Everyone loves you, but I love them in a different way

If you feel this, this means you love someone in a different way than they love you. You have different types of love for different people just like every tarot meaning is unique and different. Sometimes you may love someone more than others. This can be challenging and hard to manage in a relationship.


It is best to figure out your love questions. This will give you clear guidance to answer these questions for yourself and feel more comfortable and confident in what you are doing. Having answers to these questions about love can help you create a life and future that you are happy with and that you love.