Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Lipstick is a staple in everyone’s makeup collection, but the classic product can also be a hassle. It can break, get all over your teeth, your purse and worse — get discontinued.

Fortunately, you can save your favourite lip product and perfect your application with some common hacks that every makeup wearer needs to know — for the sake of your money and your face.

From application to preservation, these are the tricks that will keep your lipstick in one piece and long lasting:

Use a Protective Case:

Nowadays, makeup lines carry more than just makeup — they carry accessories to make travelling and storing your products a lot easier! Paul & Joe Beaute makeup products, for one, include protective cases for your items — including your lipsticks!

Use lipstick cases to protect your prized possession from losing a cap or breaking. Let’s face it; when you toss your favourite lipstick into your purse, the top always pops off, and you are left with makeup all over the insides of your purse. Talk about a mess!

Make It Matte with Powder Blush

Make any shade matte by layering a powder blush on top. This will change its texture and help it last longer.

Melt Broken Lipsticks Back Together

Did you break your favourite lipstick? Don’t fret. All you need to repair a broken lipstick is grab your lighter!

Light the bottom of the broken top to melt it back together — just careful not to burn the entire lipstick, or yourself for that matter.

Use a Mascara Wand to Exfoliate Your Lips

Before applying your lipstick, it’s a good idea to exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin cells. You can use an old mascara wand to do this — just brush your lips lightly to rejuvenate the skin. This will make it easier to glide on your lipstick and will also prevent any dryness.

Exfoliation will prevent your pout from appearing cakey and will leave it looking plump and moisturized.

Start with Balm

Lip products — especially stains — can leave your lips feeling dry. To avoid this, apply a layer of eco-friendly lip balm first. This will seal in moisture and prevent any cracking or dryness.

Keep Your Lipsticks Cool

No one likes melted lipstick. If it gets particularly hot and you’re running the risk of a melted mess, stick your products into the fridge to keep them cool and intact.

Use Concealer

Lipstick can bleed and stain around your mouth when not applied correctly — and sometimes you just don’t have the time for precision.

This is where concealer comes in. Put concealer around your mouth to hide smudges and give the illusion of a perfect pout — even on days when colouring in the lines is a struggle.

Make an X

Yes, messy lipstick is a struggle that continues to be embarrassing — but here’s a tip to ensure your application is picture perfect. Draw an x at your cupids bow to define your peak. This will help to outline your mouth and help give you a bit more of a guideline when applying.

Putting on makeup doesn’t need to be rocket science. There are countless resources at your disposal to help you find the right products and learn the hacks that will help you master application with minimum effort.