Killer Tips for Staying Safe When Shopping Online

Online shopping has become popular due to an increase in the number of people using the internet. A lot of money is spent online every year while shopping, that is why you need to be vigilant when shopping online to avoid getting scammed or even losing your identity. Due to the numerous advantages of shopping, many online people do not take caution when shopping because they are clouded by the benefits they get. Besides, it will also help if you stay calm while shopping to avoid giving out sensitive information about yourself. Listed are the tips which can help you stay safe while shopping online:

Look for the Lock Sign on the Web Address before buying fromThem

Before picking an online store, you want to make your purchase from it will help if you confirm that the web address has a padlock icon. Be aware that if the site does not have the system of a locked padlock, then the site is not secured and anybody can access your information and use it for cybercrime. To be safe, avoid buying online with your credit card in places that do not have secure socket layers. The good thing is that HTTPS is standard and even the none shopping sites have it to prove legitimacy.  Also, consider visiting if you are looking for an online one-stop shop where you can buy high-quality items for the lowest price.

Check Your Statement Regularly

When shopping online, make a point of regularly checking your billing statement to confirm if the billing is accurate. Avoid waiting till the end of the month before checking your billing statement. It is best if you make a point of looking for any fraudulent charges from the stores and even payment sites. For example, when there are sales like black Friday at the good guys the prices are low, and you can buy many goods. Confirm if the discounted price is the one charged on your credit card. It is a good idea to shop online with a credit card because if your debit card is compromised, scammers can have direct access to your account. Avoid sellers that want money wired to them as this may be a reason to get your bank details. In case of any issue, be sure to notify the bank before 30 days elapse so that they can rectify.

Avoiding shopping in public

To be safe, avoid using public Wi-Fi when shopping online because a criminal can access your data through those available internet portals. If you must use a public Wi-Fi, be sure to use the virtual private network which will assist in hiding your details and location. Sticking to the known systems also helps to protect you from cyber-crime. You are also safer when you use your private laptop to shop online because when using shared computers, somebody may snoop and get hold of your details like credit card number and pin. In case you have to shop in public sit in the back facing the door such that no one can peep from your back and see your information. You can also use your mobile to shop online through the applications different sites have their mobile apps which are easy and convenient to use. For example, if there is black Friday at the Goodguys, you can use their app to access their goods and make an order.