Is A Broken Rolex Worth Anything?

In a recent feature, Danny Milton discussed with Hodinkee about restoring his grandfather’s 5513 Submariner and wearing it regularly.

“The face of the watch had no bezel, and it appeared to have one. The crystal was so scratched and foggy that it was nearly impossible to read anything. I peered closer and brought it to the window for more light. Then I began to realize things. The Rolex coronet could be seen amid the substantial water damage to the dial, and I might start seeing portions of the hour markers, large circles and rectangles as I liked to call them back then. Milton described the state his grandfather’s watch was in after he found it.”

Basically, it was destroyed. And, after Milton had Rolex’s new parts installed, the effect was essentially a brand new watch that he could wear like any other modern timepiece.

The overall cost of the restoration and replacement parts is undoubtedly expensive, but the fascinating story of the watch’s history and its link to Milton overpowered other factors.

How can you fix a damaged, beat-up Rolex? Most likely, you may. However, consider the factors that would drive you to do so.

If something is very damaged, the majority of the components will have to be replaced with new ones that aren’t accurate copies of the original. In contrast to Milton’s Submariner’s matte dial and printed markers, the glossy dial with white-gold surrounds on the markers is entirely different from the actual dial. When original parts are replaced, the worth of a vintage timepiece is frequently reduced. So if you don’t want to sell your watch, go ahead and have it rejuvenated so that it’s completely functional and nicely designed.

At the end of the day, that’s what we at the Everest Journal aim for. We are big believers in enjoying our timepieces. Naturally, we suggest you try your Rolex on different straps like our rubber and leather alternatives, which can add a new lease of life to an old Rolex on the wrist.

Rolex watches can be restored to almost new condition, it appears. So if you’re thinking to sell your Rolex watch – let this inspire you.

There are several things to think about when it comes to repairing a damaged Rolex. You could simply sell it to a dealer who will most likely repair it and sell it again, or you might use the components. However, in that transaction, you may not expect to get much return.

We would not advise buying a broken Rolex watch on eBay to repair and wear. If you already have a damaged Rolex, it’s worth looking into alternatives. If you want to keep the watch’s original components, DO NOT send it to an authorized Rolex repair facility. It is their policy to replace old worn-out parts with new ones.

In conclusion, we strongly advise that you repair and restore your Rolex so you may enjoy wearing it if it isn’t working and is in poor condition. If you have the financial resources, you can wear a timepiece with its own backstory, as Milton’s watch did.