In or Out of Fashion? 8 Questions to Help You Stay On-Trend

Are you wondering if the trends you love are in or out of fashion? Check out the answers to these 8 questions, which will help your style stay up-to-date.

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on clothes. In fact, the U.S. apparel market is set to reach a $390 billion valuation by the year 2025.

Americans spend a lot of money on clothes, but they often don’t wear those clothes for very long. Clothing goes in and out of fashion so fast, it can be hard to know whether you’re current favorites are still in style.

Have you been asking yourself questions like “are chokers in style?” or “are leggings still in style?”

If you’re not sure about the answers, keep reading. Listed below are some questions you ought to ask yourself if you’re not sure whether an item is still on-trend or is out of fashion.

1. Can I Find This on the Runway?

One of the best ways to learn about what kinds of items are currently trendy (or will become trendy in the near future) is to pay attention to what you see on runways at fashion shows.

Look online for videos of recent fashion shows or watch them on TV. This is especially important to do during Fashion Week, which takes place in February or March.

Take note of the colors, shapes, and textures you see the models wearing. Even if you’d never go out in something like what they’ve got on, you can still get inspiration from their outfits for your own looks and see how your current wardrobe stacks up.

2. Do I See Items Like This in Magazines?

Pay attention to what you see in fashion magazines, too. Do you see models wearing a particular type of jacket or skirt? Do you notice patterns when it comes to colors or types of fabric people are wearing the most?

After looking through a few magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Women’s Wear Daily, and Vogue are all good ones to check out), evaluate your own wardrobe. Do you have pieces that don’t seem to fit any of the current trends? If so, it may be time to retire them.

3. What are People Wearing on Social Media?

Social media sites like Instagram are great places to look if you want to know whether or not what you’re wearing in trendy.

Search hashtags like #fashion and #ootd to see what kinds of clothing items influencers are rocking. Then, compare them with your own clothes and accessories.

Is there are overlap? Or, do you look like you’re wearing clothes from a totally different time period?

If your wardrobe falls into the latter category, now might be the right time for an upgrade.

4. What Do Fashion Bloggers Wear?

In addition to following Instagram and other social media hashtags, you may also want to pay attention to what fashion bloggers are wearing.

Fashion bloggers often get access to the latest trends way before regular shoppers. You can reference their blogs to see if your current clothes are trendy, and you can use them to help you build a new and fashionable wardrobe.

Many fashion bloggers also are affiliates with different brands and have codes you can use when shopping. Often, these codes will help you get a small discount and update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

5. What’s in the Window?

Never underestimate the value of window shopping. Take a walk around the mall and take note of what you see in major store windows.

Do you see clothing items like the ones that you’re worried might be out of style? If so, there’s a good chance that item is still trendy.

If you don’t see it in the window, it’s not a guarantee that it’s outdated. It could be an indicator, though.

6. Is This Piece Timeless?

Keep in mind that some items of clothing and accessories never go out of style.

If you’re considering getting rid of an item because you think might not be trendy, ask yourself if it’s a timeless piece. For example, black pumps are always in style, as are items like trench coats and dark wash denim.

Go ahead and hang on to items like this so you’ll always have some classic staples on hand.

7. What Do Forecasting Websites Say?

If you have an item that doesn’t seem like it’s in style right now, you might not want to throw it away. Instead, check some of the most popular fashion forecasting websites to see what they have to say.

These websites predict (and often dictate) what kinds of clothing items and accessories are going to be trending soon. You might find that some of your old items are getting ready to make a comeback.

Even if the websites don’t give you this kind of good news, they’re still worth checking out. Taking note of what they say will help you stay ahead of the fashion curve.

8. What Do I See on Fashion Forums?

It’s also a good idea to read more from people in the know. Check out the comments on fashion forums.

Fashion forums are a great place to go to ask questions about particular clothing styles and see what other people have to say. You can find out here if an item is out of style or what people think of it in general.

These forums are also a great place for you to meet new people who want to learn more about fashion, just like you. They can give you advice on the right way to style your clothes and get the most wear out of them.

Ditch Your Out of Fashion Clothes Today

After asking yourself these ten questions, have you decided that a particular article of clothing is out of fashion?

If so, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of it.

If it’s in good condition or if you just love wearing it, feel free to keep it around. You may want to avoid wearing it on a night out on the town, though.

Do you want to learn more about fashion and how to choose trendy, high-quality clothes? If the answer is “yes”, be sure to study up on some of the other fashion articles we have on our site today.