Iinnovative and multipurpose utilization of a kettle

The electric kitchen appliances in the Australian market are growing at an alarming rate during this period owing to the growing demand for enhancement of products, the arrival of the eCommerce industry, and the rapid growth of urbanisation.

Among the electric kitchen appliances, the sales of electric kettles are very high as compared to the other kitchen appliance products because of its convenient function and energy efficiency.

An electric kettle is a household appliance that uses hot water for cooking and drinking. It has a heating coil at the very bottom of the kettle that helps in heating the contents of the kettle rapidly. The water gets heated in a minute as against a conventional kettle, which would take longer. This is safe and convenient to use in the kitchen and in places where there is only limited space for cooking.

This appliance is used not only for boiling water but is also helpful in preparing refreshments and snacks in a few minutes. The surprising and innovative applications of an electric kettle are enumerated below:

1. Baby bottle warming

You have to be extra careful with heating your kid’s baby bottle. An electric kettle can be of great use for you in this situation. It has a feature to set and alter the temperature depending upon your need. You don’t have to cross-check to know how hot the water is. If you need warm or hot milk for your infant at midnight, an electric kettle gives an excellent solution.

2. Prepare a perfect tea

Rushing to the kitchen whenever you require a cup of tea can be hectic. You can make masala tea or green tea in a minute with an electric kettle. It also runs double the speed of a stovetop. It is practical and time-saving.

3. Make hot soups anytime

An electric kettle is an excellent choice in the rainy season. You can easily prepare vegetable soup within a matter of minutes. Cut the vegetables into tiny pieces, put them into the kettle, and add the required amount of water. The hot and tasty soup will be prepared in a minute, and you can add your chosen garnish once it’s done.

4. Hot chocolate

Kettles are popularly used in making hot chocolate. If you crave for hot chocolate on cold winter nights, you can make your delicious and tasty hot chocolate by utilising the kettle.

5. Spa treatments

An electric kettle is used not only for preparing food; it is beneficial in beauty treatments also. You can make use of it in a spa treatment at your own home. You can prepare a foot spa or a steam bath for your face. Keep the temperature at a minimum to escape burning yourself. You can relax anytime with a hot spa at home.

6. Instant oatmeal

It takes only 5 minutes to prepare instant oatmeal with the use of an electric kettle. This will be an easy solution for busy and hurried mornings. Add instant oatmeal and pour water into the kettle and boil it. Your oatmeal will be ready for consumption in minutes.

7. Boiled egg

A boiled egg is the best addition for a healthy breakfast. An electric kettle takes significantly less cooking time when compared to gas stoves. Making it a reliable choice in today’s hectic lifestyle.

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