Ignition interlock program: Everything you should know

Ignition interlock programs are requirements expected of convicted drivers on any alcohol-related driving offenses which said drivers must comply with to restore their driving license. Also, the ignition interlock program allows you to start driving before the end of your suspension as this may be due to such reasons as;

  • Provision for family
  • Managing employment
  • Personal commitments which require driving.

Why do you need to consider the ignition interlock program?

Ignition interlock program will ensure that impaired drivers are kept off the road, this will ensure the safety of everyone. By the way, find out ignition interlock device cost nevada here.

It will also help in improving your legal driving status. Participants will be able to keep or and regain their privilege to drive legally. This may be to maintain employment requirements, following court orders and requirements, and maintaining personal and family responsibilities that require driving.

Ignition interlock program will help prevent people from driving illegally on a suspended license.

Ignition interlock programs help prevent relapse behavior in participants such as drinking and driving.

What is an ignition interlock?

An ignition interlock is a device that measures and records the breath alcohol concentration (BAC) on your breathing. They are electronic devices that are designed to keep you from starting your vehicles when there is a level of alcohol on your breath.

Having been convicted of an alcohol driving-related offense, a judge may order you to have affixed to your vehicles, ignition interlock devices for some time depending on your state requirements for such offenses.

How does an ignition interlock device work?

Ignition interlock devices are wired into your vehicle’s ignition. Whenever you want to start your car, you will need to blow into the tube of the ignition interlock device. The device will then analyze the alcohol concentration on your breathing. If there is alcohol on your breath, the device will lock out your vehicle and you wouldn’t be able to start the car. The alcohol content on your breath must not be more than 0.02% which is the standard required by many states. There will be an extension of the lock-out periods after reached failed test.

Subsequently, if you were able to start your car at the first attempt and drive, the ignition device will conduct periodic rolling retests. Rolling retests are required by many states to ensure that there is no alcohol on your breath while driving on the road. Periodically, the ignition interlock device will notify you when such retests are required. Failure to comply with the retests will affect your program as this will be recorded for you and transferred electronically to your provider. Though the device will not lock out your vehicle while driving for safety purposes, you may find your horn sounding or an alarm might go off. This will prompt you to park anyway.

Other things you need to know about the ignition interlock program.

  • The price for the ignition interlock device varies from state to state but it is usually within $200 – $500 for installation, monitoring, and maintenance, and subsequent removal.
  • Trying to tamper or disconnect the ignition interlock device in your vehicle may result in damage to the device or your vehicle.
  • Calibration of the device must be done every month or when required and when not done can result in a permanent service lockout of the vehicle. This can only be removed by your ignition interlock devices provider.