How to Style Your Tweed Jacket

If you have tweed attire but don’t know how to wear it or you’re probably wondering which shirt to match it with, choosing a nice tweed jacket might be the option for you.

Tweed comes from woolen fabric that originally came from Scotland. Its thickness and the rugged weave makes it popular in winter and fall. It’s no wonder the fabric remains ideal today for protection against the rain, wind, and cold.

While tweed is frequently associated with a more conventional style, it continues to be a timeless clothing item. If you have concerns about pulling this look off, the concerns can stop here, as this guide reveals everything you need to know about tweed jackets.

What Exactly is Tweed?

The rough, wool fabric has a history of being moisture-resistant and durable. You typically wear it for outdoor activities, for instance, hunting and shooting.

In recent years, the fabric has experienced fashion resurgence to some extent, with numerous luxury and high-street retailers featuring it in their latest collections.

With contemporary manufacturing, companies can make wool-combined tweed. Nevertheless, several still use conventional wool fabric for the jackets.

The fabric is predominantly available in blazer or jacket styles but is frequently available in trousers and waistcoat form along with accessories, for instance, handbags.

It isn’t necessarily linked to formal attire because you can wear tweed jackets as a casual look to make them smarter instantly. You can wear it to the office or simply dress up your outfit.

You’ll discover that this attire is a staple of a smart-casual look. You often use it as an accent material for trims, allowing you to have some tweed without the full effect.

Why Tweed Jackets are Versatile

If you’ve not bought a tweed jacket, you might want to rethink your decision. The key reason why you must have one in your wardrobe is that you can wear it on various occasions. You’ll find this jacket lends itself to a range of outfits, including smart-casual and formal looks.

Purchasing tweed in a colour such as grey or brown gives you infinite options when it comes to what you match it with. If you choose a highlighted-colored pattern, you can match the fail-safe option with your shirt.

The material is equally robust, long-lasting, and doesn’t lose shape, provided you care for it. Ensure you hung it on a strong hanger in a clothes bag when you aren’t wearing it. This will maintain a fresh look for a considerable period.

Tweed is an investment, so it will probably be one of the more costly items you’ll own in your closet. Since you can style it in various ways, it’s worth spending more money on a cut, fit, and pattern that you’ll wear more.

Formal Styling Tips for Your Jacket

If you intend to wear your tweed for formal occasions such as work events or weddings, you can begin with a classic blue or white. Pair it with smart shoes and trousers and you can wear the outfit for numerous events.

Always choose the jacket’s colors to form the foundation of your choice of shirt color. Since the patterns are usually subtle, you could get away with contradictory patterns. The major factor to consider is whether the jacket’s check is bolder or if it’s vibrant, you can tone it down using a plain formal shirt.

Likewise, if the jacket has a plain pattern or the tweed is darker, you can do with a bolder shirt with either pattern or color. You might want to consider including a matching waistcoat beneath for additional style points. This look will certainly make a statement at whichever event. Moreover, you could opt for a tattersall shirt for a complete look.

How to Pull Off a Smart-Casual Look

If you wear your tweed for casual events such as days out and birthdays, you have more options, particularly throughout colder months. You could wear a jumper or fleece underneath. What’s more, you could do with a polo shirt or a more casual one while keeping warm.

Once you’ve covered the top half, you must consider the trousers to pair with the jacket. A pair of jeans could help you dress down, or you could go for smart trousers. You’ll have to think about footwear as well.

You should maintain a relatively smart look with loafer-style deck shoes or brown boots. If you decide to go for trainers, ensure they’re leather-made; otherwise, you’ll end up combining too many styles.

Many people have tweed jackets in their closet but simply don’t know how to style them. This guide will leave you looking stylish in no time.