How to style Sneakers and look fashionable

Streetwear has taken the world by storm for the past decade and created a new fashion trend that will remain in history for a long time. The combination of comfort, practicality, and interesting fashion decisions will always be the way of moving forward – as shown by the rise of Sneakers to the top of the fashion pyramid. With countless variations in size and shape, as well as design and color choices, styling them has become an art on its own.

In this article, you’ll be able to find everything you need to know on styling Sneakers and getting the most out of them to achieve your perfect looks. We’ll cover everything, from combining them with the right fashion choices to creating a look that fits your personality and meshes well together, to choosing the perfect sneakers for the occasion. And yes, many distinct types of sneakers are better suited for different events or situations. Let’s get into it!

Choosing the right one

As previously said, choosing the perfect sneaker requires a good eye, talent, and a passion for fashion. Fortunately, we’ll help you get started. One of the main things you want to keep an eye out for is large brand names. That’s the secret shortcut to fashion nirvana. A simple look at the options available to you in the sneaker world will do you a world of good for making sure your choices will be recognized and respected by fellow sneaker-heads.

A simple pair of Adidas replicas can be the perfect jumping-off point. Not only do you know that the shoes you’re buying are 100% the best sneakers that you can be getting, with a sleek design and internationally recognized value, but it’s also affordable. After all, one of the big barriers to fashion these days could be the high price tags on some of the better designs available. So, if you’re not into thrifting or second-hand clothes, replicas can be the perfect way of getting the look you want without spending a fortune on them.

It can even be a wonderful way of testing out your outfit, so to speak. You can always get the originals later if you’re sure this is the look you want.

Choosing the right one

Something for the occasion

Sneakers hold a special role in today’s fashion scene: they can go well with practically any clothes, to practically any type of event. The catch is that you must know where you’re planning to go and get proper sneakers for the occasion. To start with, you wouldn’t take a pair of sneakers traditionally used for sports or casual wear to a formal event – that would be in poor taste. Instead, something like Gucci shoes can supply the ideal way of getting the look you want.

Make the best impression possible on the people that matter by dressing appropriately. You don’t want to dress formally, only to have a completely mismatching pair of shoes. That’s why grabbing your shoes from a brand with a good reputation and high-class fashion designs will help simplify your decision-making process. Simply grab a pair that matches your look from a well-known luxury brand and you’ll be on your way to being the best-dressed person at the event while making it look entirely effortless.

Here are diverse types of sneakers, and the events they’re best suited for. Also, check out the hottest sneaker drops available online.

  • Basics – canvas kicks are best worn to casual events, with denim or shorts and can be taken to everything from a casual birthday party to a college course, but are maybe best left at home for work purposes or more formal occasions. Perfect for young people, streetwear outfits, and relaxed fashion.
  • Luxury – for luxury variations on the basic sneakers, one of the main things to keep track of is cleanliness. A dirty luxury sneaker is a waste of money, simple. Second, make sure to dress up, and look formal – with brighter colors for warm temperatures and darker for going to colder places.
  • Sports – there’s an entire gamut of options here, so pick the ones you like most. The key here is individuality and color-matching with your existing outfits. Consistency is key, so find your favorite ones and keep rocking them.
  • Modern – keep the clothes flowing, casual and sporty, as if you were going for a casual run in the woods.
  • Designer – unique sneakers, these can be worn with denim or loose clothing. Make sure the sneakers play the key role, by wearing contrasting clothes of muted colors and simple designs.
  • High-tech – this type of modern sneakers can be best paired with black clothing. Long, flowing outfits and unique, personalized touches are what this look is all about. Perfect for events or occasions where your personality and aesthetics are at the forefront.

The safe bet

The safe bet

Finally, have a pair that you’ll want to wear no matter what. Not every day do you have the luxury to spend hours poring over your sneaker collection to figure out which pair is the best for the occasion, so something like the Air Jordans can provide you with a world of comfort, both stylistically as well as the actual designs themselves. The classic high-top varieties are especially nice, given that they both evoke a nostalgic feeling while keeping it up to date and modern through the bright, interesting, and overall solid designs. When picking out your daily sneakers, make sure that they’re ones you would want to wear for the rest of your life.

Maybe not the flashiest, or the most unique, but the ones you like the most and would see yourself wearing most consistently. Bonus points for near-perfect compatibility with your existing wardrobe and sense of fashion.

As always, Blvcks is here to support any forays into the streetwear world – enjoy discounted prices and afford the best designs in the world, with replicas for practically every single high-class streetwear brand. Enter the world of modern fashion with a blast and make yourself the perfect gift by looking and feeling great, regardless of destination.