How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

Congrats! Now that you are ready to start the next chapter of your life, we are here to help you make a good start.

Did you know that in Ancient Rome women often wore not one but two engagement rings? The golden one served for a public eye, while the iron one was a home-based ring.

Luckily, today only one engagement ring is enough to keep that love lasting forever. Yes, you know it – diamonds and true love are forever.

To keep that flame burning, we have got you covered ring-wise. Not sure how to select the perfect engagement ring? Just read the lines below and you will find the right guidelines. First… Let’s talk about the big ‘B’.

Before ‘I Do’ Comes the Budget

Choosing the perfect engagement ring may be stressful.

  • Can you choose the best style possible?
  • Will your sweetheart love the ring?
  • Will you guess the size?
  • How many jewelry stores should you visit before you make the purchase? Should you take a friend with you?

These are many other questions roaming through your head that will get your blood pumping. Add to that mixed stress about finances and you are in for a treat.

To keep things in control you should do what you can when it comes to finances. This means that you should think about your budget: one of the ways to do this effectively is to set your budget, and think outside the box – have you heard about lab diamonds?

Its common belief that there is only one kind of diamond, but the truth is that there are diamonds that are glamours as such, but come at a much lower price, also known as the lab diamonds: they come with great quality, amazing purity, guilt-free composition, various colors, and great price. Is lab diamond worth buying? Simply said, yes.

Lab diamonds are one of the world’s highest quality diamonds, and you don’t want to miss getting one.

Should You Go Big Or Go Home?

People are always worried if the rock should be large or not. To put the pressure off – having a showy ring isn’t a thing nowadays unless your other half really loves big rings.

When choosing the ring, focus more on the person’s style and how you can empower the person with that specific ring.

If your future fiancé believes that the size of the ring matters, then it matters. Otherwise, you should put greater focus on size and less on color or clarity.

Five Fast Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

  1. Go from timeless engagement ring
  2. Visit only trusted jewelry stores that are ethnical
  3. Don’t go shopping alone – always bring a friend with you
  4. Feel free to ask a jeweler for help
  5. Don’t focus on the price, but on what your loved one loves in terms of style

Last, but not least… When it comes to choosing the best engagement ring possible, focus on 4C: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Make sure that you choose the ring that makes your loved one say – I do.